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    Poll: Which joss would you buy?

    If one was $1,000 and the other $50,000, I would buy....neither. ...but I like the second one best for the right price.
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    League trophy

    You are correct. But what is a trophy? It is a symbol that represents the achievement. That little green Jackie thing isn't pretty, that's one thing that makes it cool and unique. It represents the "brand" of the tournament, just as does a World Series trophy or the Stanley cup. It doesn't have...
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    What should a XXX FargoRate be working on?

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ~said some wise man somewhere
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    TV Got America Picker, But who the best cue picker on AZBilliards???

    Sad world we live in really. Where is the humanity anymore? What happened to the architecture? What happened to the communities? Much of it is fake, even your friends. That's why when you find a good one hold them dear. I've been to Vegas many times and it is as fake as Hollywood. I like to...
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    Famous 3-Cushion world record run.

    I would say 16 out of 29 is not bad for a pool player. I don't play 3-cushion and I don't know the game that well, but trying to control the balls seems almost impossible. It's very difficult to even get one score. I've only played the game a few times in my life. I think my best package was six...
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    Famous 3-Cushion world record run.

    Ahhh...moved there in 95 but wasn't around there all that much during that time. Too many skirts to chase and drunks to rob.
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    Famous 3-Cushion world record run.

    How many years ago? I don't ever remember the 3 cushion being in the back. Or did they move them for the tournament or bring in more?
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    Famous 3-Cushion world record run.

    Chris's billiards? I think so. Maybe not on second look. Yeah, definitely not on third look. Chris's has round beams that flair out. Same chairs though.
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    I need a Name for this conditon

    albina-sphere-vertia-tosis. albina-sphere-vertia-tosis. Albino Sphere Vertical Disease The medical term for excessive scratching is excoriation1. It refers to a linear break in the skin surface, usually covered with blood or serous crusts1. Another condition that causes scratches on the...
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    Famous 3-Cushion world record run.

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    League trophy

    I would have to agree with you, but possibly on a little bit of a different level. It would become a symbol of a memory of the event, experience and a level of personal respect and courtesy for Ronnie I suppose. It would be a souvenir for sure.
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    League trophy

    Yes, very relevant. I think I stated before, trophies have different meanings for different people. I personally wouldn't want a trophy of another in most cases. If I had a bar, game room or pool room, it would absolutely be cool to have a high value trophy to display. Other than that, I don't...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    couldn't these guy afford an air tag?
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    Should you practice artistic billiards?

    I'll put some skittles out under the bridge too. I have never ripped the cloth and I tend to play above the table more than most. It done correctly, a lot of shots do not take all that much power. That doesn't mean you won't get table burns. Anything vertical will leave a mark. I don't know...