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    Rhino Cues on Facebook

    Has anyone here done business with these guys? Their CF shafts are selling for $190. Any review would be appreciated.
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    Graphite shaft question

    I know nothing about them. Are they susceptible to dents like maple shafts? Thanks for your opinions.
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    What do you do when in a slump?

    I stay away from the table for a few days.
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    What tips do you use??

    I'm 64 and I've been through a lot of tips in my life. I've settled on Moori medium Jewel and I only buy them from Joe Rackem on ebay.
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    Mezz Cues

    I haven't tried them all, but I have a ZZ32 that I would never sell.
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    Which cue would you buy?

    I have a Joss and would recommend them. The shafts are so nice you won't want to replace it.
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    jb rugged versus instroke premier case

    JB all the way.
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    Super Aramith

    I prefer Brunswick Centennial balls to the Super Aramith Pro Cup balls. Just my opinion of course. I don't use the cue ball that came with the Centennials, I use a measle ball.
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    Ronnie OSullivans American Hustle Season 1 Episode 1 on Youtube

    I clicked on the link and it says it was pulled due to copyright complaint.
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    Renaissance Wax
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    Looking for a new cue ball.

    The one I'm using now always ends up against a rail. :)
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    Old McDermott 1x2 case

    Send McDermott an email.
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    Guns and Cues, Show us your Piece

    It's a Ruger 10/22 walnut stock. All other parts are Kidd, the scope is Nikon.
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    What's the point of 10 ball?

    When we already had 9 ball.
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    Who is the best woman player all time

    The best female player of all time is also the best looking female player of all time. Beauty and talent. Just my opinion of course.