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    Purchased a shaft burnisher, too rough?

    playing 70 years lol
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    Where to find Tap and Dies

    you mean H F F don't you??? lol
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    African Blackwood log

    need more pictures at other angles to appaise situation. Obviously a large bandsaw and very accurate is required but this may be a special cut.
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    Kamikaze Impact pads

    Try using electronic insulation from an old radio or tv. was used years ago.
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    What else do you do with your lathe?

    make milk shakes. Mostly Vanilla, the cocoa wears out the ways.
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    Recommendations for Cue Lathe

    depends on how many and what quality cues you want to build.
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    How diferenciate 5/16 x18 5/16 x14 joints

    take a ruler and in one inch count the threads. Unless you have a thread gauge. 14 threads per inch or 18 .
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    Taig stuff

    chuck, can you send pics if available
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    Cueman Billiards Inaly Machine

    I assume sold means it's sold? correct or is that an old post and response?
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    cleaning house

    all sold?
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    Porper Lathe + Accessories

    called left message..need a little info..where is it located? Model etc. not certain from picture exactly. thanks
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    CnC Inlay Machine

    who makes 12r8
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    Gun drills

    well liked in the area...