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  • Jeremy, hope things are well with you. I’m not working for Waldo’s anymore as I was terminated on Dec 10th. John sold the place in Oct and I was told by the new owners that I had no worries about my job…I knew better!!

    As you can tell many things have changed at Waldo’s over the past few months. I have a lot of great memoires and great friendships from my 20 years at Waldo’s. I’m not happy how things went down but that’s life.
    I do have the contents of my shop and will be setting up somewhere in the near future. Take care and I will let you know when I find a new home. Jimmy
    Hey, it's Jeremy. Are you still up at Waldo's? I was in last night and saw the repair room was all empty. I was going to drop off some work for you. Hope everything is alright.
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