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  • I'm sure they will sell eventually. Sooner or later someone will realize they are a good buy.
    True, true.
    Pool and tennis are my 2 lifetime hobbies. Love both equally.
    Can not wait to try the banjee stick. F...ing seller got paid on Fri morning and did not ship until today. Can you believe it???
    That's sweet. Makes a world of difference when you have confidence in your cue. Those are really great cues for the money. I can't believe I have any left, thought those would sell quick for the prices I put on them. Sold seven and have seven left.
    You are very welcome. It makes my day when someone is that satisfied with a transaction. Hope it makes you some money!
    Hey Buddy, send me the link to the case dealer on ebay you showed me the other time. My friend in the states is looking for a 4x8
    Hahaha, soon perhaps.
    I'm just a beginner with no skills and knowledge on the sport.
    Do you happen to have Facebook? Pm me...
    As much as I hope I didn't live in Singapore, I still do :(

    Perhaps ONE DAY we may have a chance of meeting :)
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