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    Original SightRight Snooker and Billiards Pool Sighting Aid

    Was hoping some one had this laying around. I want to test something with my eye's and this may or may not offer some helpful feedback.
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    Retired Model P2 Metallic Blue

    Wanted this when I was broke;) still covet it. PM me if one is available. Just the butt is fine.
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    High quality butterfly type case, used..Chicago

    Looking for a used butterfly type case. At least a 3 x 6 maybe a 4 x 8. Need lots of room and pockets to hold extensions and PB&J sandwiches. .:cool: My buddy has this brand and it excellent but IMO over priced. This guy makes excellent cases too, I...
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    a blurry one pocket rule that cost me money.

    Recently was in a money match and I had to bridge over a ball and on my back stroke I bumped a couple object balls, the cue ball was still in motion and rolled into or through the path of those balls. The opponent said its a foul. Now in my heart I felt, yaa it should probably be a foul but...
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    Predator P2 Metallic Blue wanted.

    Always wanted this cue, will take the butt only if you needed to keep the shaft...
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    Making a Goldcrown 4 play like a Diamond ProAM

    Is it possible to get a list in order of priority of what I need to do to make this table play better and have my practice transfer over from it to a Diamond table? Im in the market to get a used GC4 with brand new Simonis 860 HR Tournament Blue. Pockets: Double shimmed and how should these...
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    Predator cues, brand new, over stock, taking a loss on sale

    Hey guys, got a couple cues left over from last year where I held my stock at Pressure billiards. Willing to let these go very cheap, you will not find a better price on a brand new predator cue, I'm basically taking a loss to move them. Only interested in selling locally, will not ship at these...
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    Basic tip and ferrule lathe shoot out: HarborFreight, Cuesmith, TSP&B, Brianna. with steady rest $14.00. I guess there is a coupon that could bring this lathe down to $320.00 Brand: Harbor Freight, type: 7" x 10" Precision Mini Lathe. Price: $413.00...
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    The flaws in playing the ghost...

    The fact that playing a safety will result in a immediate loss of game. I think a modified version of the ghost would be: Play a safe, If you pocket the ball when you were safe, or you hit it, you lose anyway, it would indicate the safe was too weak to beat the ghost. If you cant hit the ball...
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    Is throw influenced differently on clean vs dirty cloth?

    Me and one of my practice mentors always have these controversial "physics like" debates in pool. The latest one was can two frozen balls be thrown differently on clean vs dirty cloth. His answer was basically "absolutely not" As we discussed it more, he brought to my attention that the old...
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    Finally – Predator Cues has a dealer in Chicago

    If you ever wanted to try a Predator cue or shaft, live in Chicago, and didn't want to take your chances with the Net... now it’s all possible at Pressure Billiards! My name is John, and I'm the official Predator and Poison pool cue dealer in Chicago and a Predator product specialist. I like...
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    Used pool table, diamond, GC, Gabriel chicago

    Looking to buy a used pool table. 4.5 x 9. Preffer a GC or Diamond, even looking at the Gabriels, Kim Steels. Anything that feels like a real pool table. Im open minded...If someone thinks an off brand of table plays just as good,then explaine. This just never seems to be the case in my...