High quality butterfly type case, used..Chicago

John Daminato

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Looking for a used butterfly type case. At least a 3 x 6 maybe a 4 x 8.
Need lots of room and pockets to hold extensions and PB&J sandwiches. .:cool:

My buddy has this brand and it excellent but IMO over priced.

This guy makes excellent cases too, I may get one from him

I have one the cheapo ones,
http://www.seyberts.com/products/Brown_4X8_Soft_Case-102556-210.html big mistake! Damaged my cues! The bottom ripped out so this afforded me the opportunity to see all my cues butts rubbing together! They cheat the lining big time. It becomes this thin plasticy material, not the thick soft material you see at the top, even worse they even stop the plastic material 2" from the bottom! Basically naked cues rubbing together. 50$ you get what you pay for.

I have a great hard predator case but It just needs more pockets! Maybe Gil will sew one on for me..