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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Is that a parachute on his back or a first aid kit?
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    My first new custom cue

    Have you seen any of his YouTube videos? If not take a look, he has about 125 videos. You'll appreciate what you've chosen much more after watching how he works.
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    Fight at pool bar in Dallas

    That's considered a "wild fight"? That's considered a "cat fight" in Birmingham. lol
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    Who wins? SVB or Sky?

    How much is supposedly in the middle, I don't think I've seen any amounts posted? I assume SVB will be using his own money, right?
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    If you could have any Cue in the World? What would your dream Cue be?

    Justin must be banned or he would be all over this post. He would love it.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I doubt old school mobsters used this particular Lincoln, hard to get a body in or out of the trunk.
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    What the F is going on here?

    I can't believe they used the name "cornhole", has a completely different meaning in Alabama. lol
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    Pechauer Black Ice break shaft

    I have the Pechauer Naked Break Cue with this Black Ice Break Shaft. Look back over my posts and look for for one with "Pechauer" in the title to see how I got the cue. I ordered it at 18.5, the shaft does weight exactly 6.5 oz. Very forward balanced but not clumsily so. It is still smooth as...
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    Best Racker of All Time

    Johnny S. here in Birmingham has racked about 85% of our games over the last 50 years, he's pretty good at it now.
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    Southwest Cue Wait

    I had an extremely long wait on my very 1st cue, Huebler, I was paid on a Friday afternoon and they didn't reopen till Monday.
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    A Nit Or Not A Nit..

    Rules are meant to be broken, right?
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    Changing cue weight with age

    The lowest weight I could find for my Rick Howard was .5 oz aluminum until I ordered a few Tomahawk ferrules from Kelly Peterson of MVP cues. I noticed he had some short nylon butt screws in black and in white. I bought a few. It states that the nylon butt screw and the nylon screw that holds...