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    *** Dunkel, Dicola, Howard, Alpert, Peppers, Bell, Dominiak ***

    Yes the dunkel is still available
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    *** Dunkel, Dicola, Howard, Alpert, Peppers, Bell, Dominiak ***

    Prices are OBRO, PayPal, shipping CONUS more pics and info available upon request 1. Steve Dunkel 2015 – $1750 Beautifully figured Olivewood forearm (cored) and butt sleeve with a tellurium copper custom 3/8-10 modified pin and joint. The ring work at C/D locations is very special (very hard...
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    No jump cue allowed

    Always been fond of the rule where your opponent snookers you, jump cue allowed... you snooker yourself, keep using that full length cue :) my rationale, the opponent safes you... you have every opportunity (and legal equipment) to get out of it... you do it to yourself, suck it up !! -Joe
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    RIP Curtis Roberson

    Ugh... i never got the chance to actually hit a ball with Curtis, but one of my regular playing cues is one i purchased from him a few years ago at a Super Billiards Expo... every year after, i stopped to talk with him and ask how things were going... He made a fantastic cue. He was a better...
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    2020 Champion of Champions question

    was watching hte Champion of Champions event Day 1 Chang, Jung Lin vs. Yang, Ching Shun Does anyone know what the foul call was at the 1hr48M mark I can't figure it out. Thanks!
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    1993 Bill Schick

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    Lee Peppers 2010

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    ** Dominiak 001**

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    Mike Durbin Purpleheart

    Purpleheart forearm and butt sleeve, quitled maple segmented handle, stabilized dyed maple rings (at all positions) with 3/8-11 G10 joint pin Butt: 13.8oz, 29" 2 - 29" shafts each 3.7 oz, 13 mm, Wizard Brown Medium tips very light cue, 17.5oz total weight Balance Point 19" from the rear of...
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    Mike Durbin 2008

    Honduran Rosewood Merry Widow with black and white spec linen wrap Butt: 29", 3/8-11 SS pin, 15.6oz Shaft 1: 29", 3.6oz, Ivory Ferrule, Flying Pig tip (on a pad), 13mm Shaft 2: 29", 3.4oz, LBM Ferrule, unknown tip, 13mm Ivory in shaft, must be legal to ship (or I can have the ferrule on Shaft...
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    Sold --$$ Phillippi 4-pt $$--

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    Sold --$$ Phillippi Butterfly $$--

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    Sold ** Paul Mottey 2001 **

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    Sold *** Ron Haley ***

    ... Gone...