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    Gluing Rings

    Jet 1340GHB using a Kress spindle for live tooling with a threading end mill.
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    CNC spindle

    Following for updates. Looking to better my setup and control from a Kress 1050.
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    High Speed Spindle Discussion

    I was hoping some members would take the time post their experiences with what they're using for a high speed spindle on their inlay machine devices. Currently I'm using a Kress 1050 for all my spindle needs, whether it's spinning big 3-wing cutters on the lathe or .020" end mills on the CNC...
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    Gambler Cue build-log.

    As a long-time forum lurker and avid researcher, I have learned a great deal of info from AZ Billiards “Ask the Cuemaker” and the “Cue Machinery” forums. I figured the least I could do would be to give something back. In this case, a photo build-log of my Gambler themed cue. This is the first...
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    Jet gh-1340w-3 gear head lathe - $3,400.00

    In case any of the locals are looking for a good deal.... No affiliation with the seller nor do I hold any interest in this lathe, but I will add that this is the same place I got my Jet GHB-1340 some 6-7 years ago. Be a great cue making...
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    WTB D1-4 Set-tru type lathe chuck

    I'm looking to upgrade my stock Jet lathe chuck to something a little more accurate. I'm hoping to find someone with a good, used or inexpensive Bison 6-jaw with the Set-Tru function, but I would consider a good 3-jaw as well. I know it can be a crap shoot buying a used chuck, but with the...
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    To seal or not to seal shaft cones/tapers?

    Just curious as to peoples thoughts about putting some sort of sealer on in between turnings. Currently I'm putting on a single coat of sanding sealer after each turning to seal the wood a little while it hangs out until the next turning session. Is this overkill or maybe even a disadvantage...
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    WTB Threaded Ivory Ferrule w/lots of grain

    Looking for an Ivory ferrule with lots of grain. Preferably already threaded but that's not too important. If you have one or know a good place to get one like I described, please drop me a PM. Shipping will be to Washington state. Thanks! Frank
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    CAD, CAM, CNC Control Software Discussion.

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right section for this or if the Machinery section would be better, but I figured this section would get a little more traffic, and it is still relevant IMO. I recently started getting into some CNC on my own. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any CNC...
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    Where to find some Huebler Bumpers?

    I need to find a couple Huebler bumpers for a friend. Brown preferred but not required. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Frank
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    A journeymans guide to shop tools.

    For those that need definitions for which proper tool to use. Most tools provide many functions, but you may find that those listed below are the most accurate definitions. DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks...
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    Working with synthetic stone materials

    When it comes to using synthetic or reconstituted Malachite, Azurite, Turquoise, Lapis lazuli and other man-made, stone-like materials for inlays or ringwork, what type of tooling is required for: - Cutting inlays - Turning/cutting I’ve never used any of these materials myself but have seen...
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    Tip to sellers

    If you have an item to sell, and you are posting it for sale in this section, please include the price within the post. Don't say that the price is posted somewhere else, especially if you can't be bothered with at least including a link to the location. Posting here to go find it in the For...
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    Method for indexing the chuck on a full size lathe

    Just thought I'd share my method for indexing the chuck on a full size lathe. Regards, Frank
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    $3k - $5k to spend on a CNC Mill. Which one?

    If you had $3k to $5k to spend for a CNC machine, what machine would you get? I know I may find more CNC centric info somewhere else like CNCZone, but I want to start off with what is relevant to cue building and not just general machine shop/prototyping equipment. I'm looking for proven...