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    Derby City Classic - What ball set to be used?

    Nothing beats the Delta 13 Elite with leather inserts. In my experience most of the wood Diamond racks get sticky and grab balls when removing the rack.
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    Derby City Classic - What ball set to be used?

    Those are the best plastic racks ever made. I've played with plenty of the wood Diamond racks that rack like shit.
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    Where is there a good pool hall in the LA / SoCal area?

    Don’t get around much do you🤣 Here’s my short list of poor equipment. There’s plenty more but I’ll save everyone from a longer rant. CK’s in Dallas. Only one 9’ table plays fairly well. The other four drift too much for me. Black Diamond near Newark. GC5’s and the Diamonds should have been...
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    Rasson Tables: Differences Between OX, Victory, and Challenger

    Challenger looks like a warmed over GC. Price is good
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    Columbus OH

    I’ll be in Columbus tomorrow 7/29. Anyone want to play some 1P? Is the room in London the place to go to?
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    Predator Arcos II Personal Experience

    I own Cententials, Super Pro's, Tournament TV, Dynasphere Bronze. I cant remember what room had the Arcos2 balls but they seemed nice so I also have a touch of knowledge. I'm really curious as to your scientific knowledge and testing you have done to prove the Arcos2 balls blow all the others...
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    Predator Arcos II Personal Experience

    Same color as the Arimith Tournament TV set.
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    Digicue Blue

    I’ve never got mine to work. I should have contacted someone
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    Fight at pool bar in Dallas

    I gave up playing drunk bar box players a long time ago
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    Latest Florian Video - No Rail cloth

    Will this table play this goofy with cloth on it? It’s unbelievable how much the balls back-up. My guess is that cloth will fix that but I’d be worried that it will bank like a goofy Red Label. Fun video to watch
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    Predator revo radial owners

    I have a Steve Titus cue that uses the Predator pin and all three of my radial Revo’s fit a little loose. If I don’t tighten them well they’ll come loose. I have a Coos Cue radial pin butt that fits my Revo’s snug. I’m sure that pin isn’t from predator.
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    Mezz wavy re-tap?

    I’ve never heard of a radial Maxx
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    Best Pool Balls?

    In all my travels around the country the Centenial balls are the most miss matched balls I’ve ever seen. For some reason the 2 and 4 balls end up being the most undersized balls. I love their design but they don’t wear well or come from the factory bad or both
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    Mezz wavy re-tap?

    I’m looking for a used shaft to try. I missed a wavy shaft that was for sale, just thinking about options if another shaft comes up for sale
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    Mezz wavy re-tap?

    Can the wavy joint be re-taped for a radial pin?