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    Evan is at 144 but probably just lost his chance at the MOT
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    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    Just kidding. Go Efren
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    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    Who’s Alex?
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    4-1/8” Corners at the Derby?

    Bigger is not necessarily better but 4.5 on the big table is fine. They can come to Buffalo’s and practice on the 10’er with 4 1/4 corners. That table plays good, you just have to hit ‘em good
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    Break Stats -- Derby City 10-Foot (Bigfoot) 10-Ball, January 2023

    Where the other years played played with 4 1/2” corners? That’s some pretty height TPAs for 4 1/8 corners and super tight sides.
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    Difference in GC values?

    I just saw two ads here in New Orleans. A GC3 for 6K and a GC5 for 10k firm. Nuts I tell you🤣
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    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    Every Predator I’ve played with was 10 times better than the Southwest I owned
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    Where's Cocobolo Cowboy?

    I know I suck at spelling and grammar. It’s not the spelling and grammar that bothered me.
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    4-1/8” Corners at the Derby?

    Buffalos’s in New Orleans has 4 1/4 on all their 9’ tables, even the 10’er.
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    Where's Cocobolo Cowboy?

    I hope he's OK. He's the only one I have on ignore.
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    Diamonds value

    I only found a ProAm for 8k
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    Diamond Tables vs Predator Tables Poll

    The Predator table is so ugly they make the Diamond ProAm table look beautiful.
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    Presidential Billiards, model Carter

    Are these tables any good? Found a 9’ for $2500
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    One Pocket and me.

    I remember way back in the day when I lived in Phoenix, a couple of players wanted to teach me 1P and I declined. I just wanted to play 8 and 9 ball. My God, I was so stupid.
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    Gold Crown 4 question..............

    My GC4 came with bearing plates under the feet. I used a rubber oil filter strap to rotate the feet.