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    Best way to move a pool table?

    I can help here. 2 furniture dollys, they can even be the small ones but the bigger ones are better.. 2 long ratchet straps, 2 guys and a trailer. That's all you need... well and more straps to strap it down once it's on the trailer. Oh, and a jack, small scissor jack is fine. Put the jack...
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    Feather strip ... transition from heavy cloth to speed cloth

    Masking tape is the way to tighten them up if they are loose. A small sharp hand plane is the way to thin them out if they are too tight. Lay out a strip of masking tape and lay the featherstrip on it nice and centered, no wrinkles or creases. Fold the tape around the front and back of the...
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    Ridgeback rails out of business?

    Hi everybody. I thought I would answer this as I know Kerry personally and have some insight. Kerry is retiring and in the process of transferring ownership of the business. It is being move from New Mexico to North Carolina. That is why it has seemed to be out of business as of late. They...
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    Antique tables, How much is too much?

    Antique tables, How much is too much? NOW WITH PICS Just looking for some thoughts and opinions. I'm working on a pre 1900 Brunswick. Somewhere along the line someone put Monarch Superspeeds on it and the nose is well below 1.25" Ball hop abounds. I pulled the rubber off and the face of...
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    Gold Crown I Carom table rubber question

    So, I have a 10' Gold Crown I carom table that needs new rubber. The rubber that is on it is Brunswick Monarch Truspeed. I am assuming this is going to be the same as changing out Monarch Superspeed. The angle of the subrail will need to be reworked as I assume there is no direct replacement...
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    Anniversary Knock Off

    Can folks tell me the different variations of Brunswick Anniversary tables? I've got one I'm about to put some work into but some things are standing out as odd. Oliver L. Briggs & Sons Electric Cushion Fast K-66 One piece side rail, no center pocket casting 2 stretchers between the pedestals...
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    What would cause a slate to split apart?

    Why would a slate break apart on it's own? Just the facts... Antique Brunswick. T-rail side bolt. About 100 years old. 10' pocket table. Original slates. This table is in a high end home and was not set up by a hack. The slates were in very good shape when last recovered and set up, I...
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    Another Moncarch Super Speed Question

    If the rails on a Gold Crown I has good Monarch Super Speeds on it and the rubber is not coming loose is there any good reason to change it? Rubber is still soft and glued on well. Table is going into a home that just wants to have some fun with a decent table to play on. Thanks. Julio
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    Introduction and Covering Rails Question

    Hello All. My name is Julio and feel it's time to introduce myself. I visit the form often and appreciate the wealth of knowledge offered here. I'm not sure I'll call myself a mechanic just yet, but I am an up and comer in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I learned the trade from one Kerry Rhodes...