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    Is Efren to pool what Ronnie is to snooker?

    Ronnie is a genius. Efren is a magician. Both are mesmerizing to watch and possibly the only two players you’ll actually rewind to watch how they did what you just witnessed [emoji16] K.
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    Pool ball collecting.

    You are a gentleman and a gem to have on the PBC thread, Boxcar. Thank you for posting up some of the finer, oft forgotten details of your beloved Hyatt knowledge and history, sir! ~ K.
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    Dynasphere Bronze balls......$100

    That is the Dynasphere GOLD ball set, TCC. ~ K.
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    Dynasphere Bronze balls......$100

    Here is a partial comparison pic I snapped showing the Dynasphere Bronze in company with the Brunswick Centennial and the Aramith Tournament sets. All have been played extensively- not museum boxed. ~ K.
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    Dynasphere Bronze balls......$100

    I like your advice, Hu. I only have a few things to add regarding the sweet Dynasphere Bronze mentioned in this thread, and as a ball set fanatic, collector and avid player, I say this from having the pleasure of owning all 5 of their sets offered here in the USA. Here is a pic taken after...
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    Pool ball collecting.

    Hello! Yes, this Aramith ball set was put together to play a unique scoring game invented back in the early 1990’s called BLAZZ (pronounced “blaze”) that required a player to shoot a red followed by the lowest number ball on the table - between opponents. Points were based on ball values of...
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    Pool & Billiard Magazine; 1982 - 1985 WANTED

    Looking for the 1982 through 1985 Pool & Billiard Magazine issues. email me at: ~ K.
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    1st/2nd/3rd editions Blue Book of Pool Cues

    Books are SOLD Here is a complete set of all three of the Blue Book of Pool Cues series in beautiful, unread condition. Never opened. No issues whatsoever. PERFECT CONDITION. Sold as a complete set only. Actual pictures of the books you will receive: ~ K.
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    Eddie Robin Position Play in 3C book $375

    This Eddie Robin book on Position Play in Three Cushion Billiards needs little introduction for both the serious player as well as the collector. This extra copy I have from my personal library is now being offered at a great all-inclusive shipped and insured CONUS price of $325...
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    Eddie Robin SMS & W1P books $225 for both

    Eddie Robin SMS & W1P books $225 for both These 2 books have SOLD Both of these wonderful One-Pocket books by Eddie Robin have been used and studied - extra copies that I have for the 1P player looking for affordable copies to study and get into a collection that can be shared amongst...
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    (limited release) McDermott 3x4 Leather Cue Case

    CASE IS SOLD McDermott had only 18 total custom cue cases made by Navigator leather - 6 each in black (shown), brown and black/orange in the fall/winter of 2017. I have 1 of the 6 black cases FOR SALE that has NEVER been used and still has the original packing in the larger storage...
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    announcing a GIVEAWAY promotion for *Pool Ball Collectors*

    * exclusively for the visitors of the Pool Ball Collecting thread...but I’ll get to that in a moment. Hello, everyone. How about something new and different on AZB. Unique. Borderline crazy. (because we all know there isn’t enough crazy here already) How about a completely free GIVEAWAY...
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    Attention all RASCHIG owners and collectors.

    Hello everyone - ⭐️ ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD ⭐️ My good friend from the western shores of England (Rubik’s Cube) and myself would like to make available to the good folks of the esteemed AZB forum a truly once-in-a-lifetime albeit unusual find from what we’ve been able to verify within a hair of...
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    What came first - the billiard ball or the billiard table? It is my contention that the balls always came first. In the beginning, there was a ball of a certain size and composition - and an ageless child dreamt up a game to play...with that ball. And so it began - an evolution of balls and...
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