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  • I did same thing! I took Tom Simpson 3 day. Met Mark Finklestein there as well. I continued to take lessons from Mark periodically, roughly 4 times per year over at Slate. Matter of fact, I have a lesson with him this Thursday night! I tried to connect with Scott over at SBX this year, but wasn't able to. I hear great things about him and would like to take a lesson from him someday. I am in CT.
    I did the Simpson 3 day and it was ok. I met Mark Finklestein there, he was an instructor and did a lesson with him in Manhattan. He is very good.. Scott Lee is very good, I took a 5hr plus lesson from him. It was scheduled for 4 hrs and he went way over, no charge. But he travels all over so he may be hard to schedule. All 3 of those mentioned are heavy on training the pendulum stroke. Smoothstroke is an AZB member and I think he's excellent. Not too far away from PA, maybe 2 hrs. He's only an hour or so no traffic for me.
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