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  • Sure Ed, I got that whole assembly from Todd at, Todd frequents the forum under the name tsp&b, you may have seen his recent post saying "Midamerica Pool will be closed temporarly." in the Cue Machinery and Supplies sub forum. I think he sells just the 4 foot dovetails for 175 or something like that. I didn't have time to mess with it so I just picked up his "Workstation" as it seemed to fit the bill nicely and had everything I needed. Here's the link to the item I purchased... He has a pretty good selection of taig parts and is great to deal with.
    Ken, hello. I saw your response to Dave and your pictures. Mind if I ask where you got the dovetail material? You referrenced Todd but not sure who he is. I have a near future CNC build and it may come in handy.
    Regards Ed.
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