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    New Superior Cues Leather Wrap Styles!

    The new wraps looks great 😎
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    What air compressor are you using?

    A regular speaking voice is about 60db, a washing machine is about 70db, a vacuum cleaner is in the 75db range. So even if it doesn't sound like a drastic difference, if it's an enviroment you spend a lot of time in, there's quite a difference between 70db and 60db. A regular piston compressor...
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    Tip popping off

    It's all in the preparation, not only do you need a fresh bottle of a quality CA, you need to make sure the ferrule is faced off nice and flat, prep the tip and sand the base flat. Then clean both surfaces with denatured alcohol, then glue the tip on with the right amount of force. When trimming...
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    Converting to wrapless handle

    I would never take on such a job, just too much aggravation. I think you'll find that most cue makers will give you the same response. If you want a wrapless cue with a curly or BEM handle, have one made.
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    What air compressor are you using?

    If you want a quiet system that delivers plenty of air, you have to step out of the consumer and even the prosumer market. My compressor has a 200L tank, 3hp motor, airdryer all hooked up to a Prevost air line system. Cost was about $3000. The one I have seems to be sold all over Europe, I'm...
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    Uni-loc pin thread size?

    The G10 then and aluminum ones certainly are skinnier than the steel and brass ones.
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    Uni-loc pin thread size?

    Have you tried 3/8-11.5? If you use the search function, I think you'll find a thread with the exact specifications.
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    Wood age?

    Whatever way the wood is dried, having it in your shop long enough to be climatized to your shop and thus giving you the chance to monitor weight and moisture content over time is always worth the effort. Some woods dries faster than others and some woods are more prone to splitting/cracking, so...
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    making a cue more forward-balanced- ?

    Removing weight bolts, changing to a brass pin if that works on your cue and using heavier shafts is your options. But generally if you have a cue that don't suit you, get another that does... Tweaking something that's already made is always more difficult and there is always the chance of...
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    Which glue do you use?

    For construction you use strong epoxy like West systems.
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    So Mezz has a new joint pin

    I was pretty disappointed when I got the email from Mezz about the pin change. The explanation about shafts now is threaded phenolic etc. Is just a poor excuse. It reminds me of when Tiger switched from Radial to their proprietary 3/8-9 ACME pin.
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    Radial Pin shafts getting quite tight

    Sounds like it might be a humidity issue. Any competent cuemaker will be able to help you, it's a very quick and cheap fix.
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    Replicating production cue ringwork ?

    Not at all. I play with a simple merry widow, nothing fancy Purpleheart/BEM. 3/8-10 flat bottom brass pin. Which I obviously made myself. Not really sure I agree with your statement about the cue butt means very little, there's definently differences in feel and feedback depending on materials...
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    Replicating production cue ringwork ?

    That's not for me to say, but seeing it's a starter 5280 cue, have someone change the threads on that OB shaft so it fits your 3/8-10 pin and put aside a few bucks here and there and save up to something that's truly yours. In my experience people tend to tire of those production cues pretty...
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    Replicating production cue ringwork ?

    Good luck with that... It's both difficult and expensive. not worth it for an old beat up OB-1 shaft.