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    30 in. Predator 3/8-10

    that is what I am looking for 314 or 314 2, let me know what you have.
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    Shafts for sale - SW Predator/Tiger Ultra 3/8-10

    I have a couple shafts for sale. 1. Old 10 pc Predator SW pin. 12.60 mm, 3.4 oz S0LD 2. Basically brand new Tiger Ultra 3/8-10, 3.7 oz 12.80mm. Slight chipping around the edge of collar. SOLD
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    Nice Robert Harris

    I am posting this cue for Shannon D, he has this cue for sale and I am a little better with the pic thing than he is. He took this cue in on trade and it is a great looking cue. I didn't weigh but it feels like right around 19 with full shafts. I don't know much about this cuemaker but he made...
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    Predate Franklin Southwest

    Older SW cue with 4 shafts. 2 original, 1 older SW, 1 predator. 2 original shafts are 12.5 and just under 12.2, larger shaft is 3.2 and the smaller is 3.5 oz. Older SW shaft is 12.5 and 3.4 oz, pred is 12.6 and 3.2. Butt is 16 oz in nice shape with a few small marks, looks to be all original. I...
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    Derby City Roll Call

    It is that time of year once again...... Who's going and when are you gonna be there? I will be there the last 5 days hangin out and losing money.
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    Smoky Mountain Shootout

    This was a good tournament in bad weather. The tables played a little weird due to a few inches of rain falling this weekend. Like every year, the cream rose to the top and the last guys standing were Stevie, Larry, Shannon and Tony. Stevie played good and deserved to win, he handled every...
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    Libra Cue F/S

    Sale Pending This is not a cue you find for sale very often. This cue was custom ordered 1" long (29.5, 29.5) and weighs 20.8 (17.1 butt, 3.7 shaft), the shaft is 12.75 mm and old dark high ring count wood. The cue is in very good condition 95%+. The cue is uncored highly figured cocobolo and...
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    Congrats Justin Hall

    Justin just won the banks, way to go J Hall.
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    Bowling's Version of Earl Strickland.....

    LMFAO.....'ol Pearl must have a long lost brother.
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    AZB/ Room At DCC

    I was just in the Derby Forum and there are a few people who interested in supporting this room again but some of those people said they just stumbled across the thread and didn't know where to find it. If anyone is interested in contributing to the room the thread is HERE
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    AZB Live scoring

    Anyone else accessing the live scoring? Worked fine for me last night but yesterday I kept getting the OOPS! IE cannot display deal and it is the same for me this mornig. Every other link on AZ works for me, just wondering if I am the lone ranger in this or if it is glitchy for others.
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    Ebony/Tulipwood Josey w/ Lizard Wrap

    This is a killer player cue. Cue weighs 19.4 oz (15.9 butt, 3.5 shaft) and the shaft is 12.19mm at the ferrule. Joe Blackburn just put a new lizard print leather wrap, ivory ferrule and new kamui med tip on it. If I were looking for a new player this would definitely be one I would use...
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    New Break Cue Fom Andy Gilbert

    I just got my new break cue in the mail today, I am very happy with how it turned out. I bought the player cue about a year and a half ago and I finally decided I wanted him to match up a breaker for me. He did a pretty dang good job IMO. Andy does great work. :thumbup:
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    New style Hager 2X5 w/ all the extras

    This is a new design case with the zipper top which gives room for one extra shaft. This case comes with all the goodies..... extension, shaft hanger, bungee strap and adjustable bridge. This case is new in the bag and if it doesn't sell by this weekend I am going to move it on over to the...
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    Smoky Mtn Shootout...who is going?

    I was just checking to see who is planning to go to the Shootout this year. Check in if you are gonna be making it to Waynesville, it is the last weekend of this month.