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  • Hi, thanks :) Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to DCC this year either :( Sure miss it, good times :). How are you?
    Thanks for the greenie...going to shoot the Sig Sauer this weekend. Can't wait!!!
    Had to tell you your signature line gets me rolling every time. Maybe it's because I spent some time with JCIN but it's truly a classic.

    Jason F- Sioux Falls
    Happy Birthday, Kid. May all your balls fall in the pockets! :cool:

    Clyde here,
    I just noticed you enjoyed my post on the Great Southern Billiards Tour. Just wanted to say thanks,
    I'm kind of shocked your raffle isn't filling up faster...hell of a cue to be able to get it for $40.....nitty MoFo's...
    hey man how goes it, take care Eric

    I will ring you over the weekend, i been triple busy recently.

    tell your dad I said hello.

    i know what you mean "too" nice, I have the same problem with my cue, but it plays so damn good I have to use it, I have thought about wrapping it in tape or something,
    hey ktown...you might remember me...sidepocket...aka scott kelley from dayton...been off the scene for couple years but just bought the gameroom in dayton...remodeled and renamed shooters...just trying to touch base with people i met at diamonds and breakers and around...shoot me a line when u can...
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