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    Looking for Wrapped Diveney w/veneers

    Typo...WRAPLESS only
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    Looking for Wrapped Diveney w/veneers

    Only looking for wrapped
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    Looking for Wrapped Diveney w/veneers

    Looking for wrapped Diveney with pointed veneers (no butterfly). Lakewood or Kielwood shafts are a plus
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    LTB Schuler Shaft

    Looking for a Schuler original shaft in the 12.5-13mm range. Regular/Pro taper. Not interested in SLC shafts. I have one of those and it plays good but I like my old originals better. They are just too small. Thanks!!
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    ~~$2500 Road to the Derby Tourney-Jan. 7-9th-Mt. Sterling, Ky~~

    Just wanted to give anyone who may be interested a heads up about this tourney. Will be a great one so don't miss it. I posted in US Tourney announcement but realize many do not venture over there. Either way, this post will go into oblivion in only a few minutes anyway! :) Call the number on...
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    ~~Road to the Derby Tournament Jan. 7-9th-Mt. Sterling, Ky~~

    Any questions feel free to call the number on the flyer. This will be one you won't want to miss. Also, add Billy Macks Billiards on Facebook for updates and tourney announcements. Posting this for a friend.
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    Playing Pool with MS

    Just wondering if there are any pool players here with Multiple Sclerosis and if so, how do you handle it?
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    Vacationing in Panama City Florida June 7-12...Any good pool rooms?

    Gonna be in Panama City for 5-6 days vacationing with the family and as always I carry the cues along for a chance to play in different rooms and meet some AZBer's. Any room suggestions and would anyone like to meet up and play one evening or maybe 2 if schedule permits? Gary
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    Rule Clarification

    So, I had a shot come up during the DCC 9 ball event that even after asking at the desk I am still reluctant to accept. Maybe it's because I and most everyone else I talked to said it should have been a foul. Scenario; During a game I played a safety in which I froze the 6 ball to a rail. I...
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    Christmas is over-Support "American Road Player"

    Alright AZ... Let's get a final push to help get more $$$ to American Road Player fund. Whether you like the idea of the show or not I do think it would garner exposure to the game we love that could in turn push more money to advertising. Positive or negative; it doesn't matter really! We need...
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    Made for TV balls-IMO No longer needed!

    I think the time has come to do away with made for tv ball sets. Ball manufacturers saw a need for specially colored balls that made it easier for various balls to be distinguished from one another on tv and even internet streams for that matter. However, with the advancements made in...
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    Cogfrats to Alex Olinger-White Diamonds Winner!

    With calcutta money over 90k this weekend and lots of great players, Alex Olinger defeated Billy Thorpe to take the cheese. A big win for him and incidentally, 2 Ohio lads in the finals leads me to believe that Ohio is playing a lot of pool right now. Like most other people, I try to make it...
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    Why are Masse Cues not used in normal play?

    Saw the video again of Florian Kohler's and wondered why masse cues are not used in normal play? Are there rules against using them? Admittedly, I've never used a masse cue and know nothing about the level of difficulty in using one. By the same token I didn't know how to use a jump cue until I...
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    Earl is rolling!!

    Having been down 4-1 to Hu, Earl now leads 7-4 after running 3 racks. He's playing great!!