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    Pocket size?

    Another vote for 4.5. When done by a good mechanic the shelf will be correct as well. Anything too small takes away from the game, especially hitting balls frozen to the rail. It’s kinda like taking the normal strike zone away from a pitcher. He needs to have a full zone. It’s the same in...
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    My GC I Restoration

    Awesome job man! Looks like slate to me.
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    $1000 max, what's your playing cue?

    I’ll vote for a Runde. I absolutely love mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cue making?

    Yes sir! I’d say all you cue builders should get a big pat on the back for making a tool that seems to stand the test of time. Heck, even back when I was learning draw and miscuing much of the time, I never experienced a cracked, or damaged ferrule. I am glad that I learned on a relatively...
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    Do cue tips go bad over time?

    I have a McDermott D-2 from 1984 with original tip and it still plays fine. I can't tell that it has degraded any at all.
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    Going Out In Style

    His nephew Horace Lindrum was a great snooker player. I remember reading his book when I was in high school. I think he still holds quite a few records in Snooker.
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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    Exactly my thoughts! For the life of me, and I’m approaching 60, I have never had any success in trying to insert a pause in the back. It’s more of a slow smooth transition. Maybe it will come to me in my 80’s? Lol
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    Billiard Room - Sands Bowl, Lancaster, CA, circa 1959

    Look at how clean this place is! I can tell that the owner(s) and all that worked there were very proud.
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    Cleaning diamond PRC rails

    Wow! Looks fabulous!
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    Folded corner cloth on corner pockets, GC 4

    Aesthetics for one. I don’t think it will function quite the same as a typical no-fold corner either. Adding three layers of cloth to the corner facings is not standard and therefore will probably change ball reactions.
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    Folded corner cloth on corner pockets, GC 4

    I don’t see this as an effective way to reduce the opening. In the “what’s gained vs. what’s lost department”, I’d say the scales definitely lean to the lost side in this case.
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    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    Yes, yes, yes! In so many cases “You can’t get there from here” without spin. Sounds like one instructor is just starting with the basics, while the other is just throwing the OP in the deep end. I think I would prefer just being thrown in the deep end right off the bat. LOL give me spin and...
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    Diamond 1 piece slates,is sagging/divots a myth?

    It’s going to be a different animal moving a 9 ft. Pro-am 1 piece than moving a 3/4” one piece Valley. Not that it can’t be done with the 1 inch Pro-am, but I understand why Diamond is making that a policy.
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    9’ Brunswick Anniversary Pool Table “Barn Find”

    What a deal on a classic table!
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    Jeremy Jones

    I agree! Mike Sigel was another one that I really enjoyed.