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    Q-10 Tour

    Just wanted to post some info on the 10 ball tour I am running.. Alternating between Stix and Stones in Trenton and Mr. Zeds Billiards in Bellleville Dates: Sept. 19th(Stix), Oct. 17th (Zeds),Nov. 7th (Stix),Nov. 28th (Zeds)Dec. 12th (Stix),Jan. 9th (Zeds),Jan. 30th (Stix),Feb. 27th(Zeds)...
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    Weekly Tournaments

    Just wondering if there is any good tournaments going on thursday nights in the GTA?
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    Rules Question I was playing pool the other day, and laid a really good hook on my opponent and set up a somewhat straight in 1-9 Combo. It was an extremely hard hit on the 1...and no easy way to intentionally foul and move the 9 ball. So my friend asks me what the ruling would be if in the midst of...
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    Upcoming Tour - Stix and Stones Billiards - Trenton Ontario

    - 9 Events + Finals: September 20th, October 11th, November 1st, November 22nd, December 13th, January 10th, February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd (finals) - Events may require 2 days if field is too big - $20 tour membership fee..paid all at once, or over 4 evets at $5 per event...