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    Who needs pool? And i bet they get their checks to clear.
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    Pool in mainstream P.S. I don't see any nipples.
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    Altering bridge hand

    As someone with small hands i've recently started wondering if it was legal to say stick something on the tip of my fingers to play over balls. An extra ¼" to bridge over balls would be heaven. Thanks for any knowledge.
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    Break cue or BreakRAK?

    I'm currently breaking with a Orange Crusher, if i can only get one should i get a BK3 or a BreakRAK?
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    No Alex vs JA 9 ball final update thread?

    it's 5-1 Alex still race to 7
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    WTB Anwar shaft

    I'm looking for an Anwar shaft, 5/16x14 piloted or not as along as it's straight. PM me with specs if you have one you want to get rid of.
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    Getting sharked by your own team.

    What can you do when your getting sharked by your own teammates? I play in a friendly league where i find myself being sharked by my own team more than anyone else i play against. My teammates tend to drink what i would consider a lot (but i'm just basing that on the fact that i have maybe 6...
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    Chalk Storage

    OK, i've had this on my mind for a few days now. I've had a few drinks and am not as worried as i should be to be laughed Anyway my question is... Is there any special place or way to store chalk? Can chalk be left laying around too long? Thanks for reading my stupid question and...