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    What Shafts Draw better ???

    Not to mention the balls are smaller and lighter.
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    Ivory in cues, now What?

    It only took about 30 years to get an unconstitutional handgun ban reversed in Chicago, they should be able to knock this out in 40-50 years no problem.
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    Pool mechanic etiquette - guy's coming to back to fix an uneven table a few months later since he guarantees his work - do I tip?

    It's impossible to diagnose without looking at the table, maybe he used angle shims instead of flat shims and one slid out.
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    Shooting gallery on youtube

    I saw it about 10 years ago, only thing I remember is Roselyn Sanchez looking smoking hot as usual and the old switch shooting arms hustle in the end. Overall terrible movie.
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    Flying with your cue

    Before 9/11 used to take it on board. After I bought one of these, stick my case in it and put it in my duffel bag.
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    Cobra Kai Pool Room Scene

    TCOM mentioned Balabushka not that it would do any good after he was dead. Pool hall junkies kinda advertised SouthWest cues, not that they need it. Speaking of TCOM does anyone know what cue Julian was playing with, the one with the horseshoe inlays?
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    set of 9 balls only

    Good luck finding a set of these.
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    set of 9 balls only

    Raschig made a 9 ball set with no numbers, quite pricey.
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    What size led bulbs

    They sell an 8' to 4' lamp conversion kit. Home Depot even sells a kit with 4 4' led lamps included.
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    Asking for a friend. What is the best cheaper Sneaky Pete to buy

    Nice assumption, but neither my phone nor my TV were made in China, they were both made in a non-communist country. We all have choices in life to make, I choose not to support a company in a communist country which just so happens to be the biggest adversary to my country. Other people try to...
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    Points vs No Points

    I sure hope you don't. It's called sarcasm 🙄
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    Points vs No Points

    Totally, I had a 6 pt ebony into birdseye SouthWest and if I rotated the cue so a long point was facing down I would over run position and if it lined up between the points facing down I would come up short. So I would have to make sure every time I shot the short point was facing down and like...
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    Asking for a friend. What is the best cheaper Sneaky Pete to buy

    They normally use a uv finish which is pretty durable. Maybe the jackpot deal used rattle can clear coat from kmart to save on costs. 🤷‍♂️ Swindlers gonna swindle.
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    Asking for a friend. What is the best cheaper Sneaky Pete to buy

    The fit & finish is perfect on my Schmelke sneaky I've bought in either 2013 or 2014, zero roll out. My friend has been a dealer for the last 12 years and I can't even count the amount of Players that have come in warped, just more examples of Chinese inferior products.