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    SMOKING ACES Big $$$$ events click on the LINK for event...
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    N KC come on up to Michelle's on North Oak? we can play some?

    N KC come on up to Michelle's on North Oak? we can play some?
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    DCC 2021

    I did not know that Indiana was under a current QUARANTINE requirement? Guess we will know more in January.??
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    Scotty Townsend Memorial 9 ball and 1 hole

    This event starts right NOW and the Professional One Pocket kicks off on Monday Check out Jeff Sullivans channel to PPV. I think it is 24.95 for the weekend 9 ball action and you will have to check out his page for prices of the one hole...
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    $500 added 8 ball with 32 players Kirksville, Mo Sat 3/26

    Pool tournament, 8 Ball, $500.00 added with 32. Race to 5 winners side, 4 losers. $20.00 entry, $10.00 green fee, March 26th, Saturday, 11:30am. Kirksville, MO, Leisure World Bowling Alley, 11 Valley tables, 7' with blue Simonis Cloth. Hope you can make it, please pass the word. I was alerted...
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    6th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Jamboree February 19-23

    A crew of 4 road warriors set out a couple days ago for Cali to play in this event at Hard Times Billiards in Sacramento California. Good Luck to: Skylar Woodward Justin Bergman Robb Saez and Robert Frost. Go get the cash guys..... There is ALSO a $5000 added 9 ball event...
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    Predator Sport2 for Sale Brand New

    I have listed my Predator Sport2 on Ebay. The auction ends in just 24 hours... Need money for Cardinals World Series ticket.... Thanks for looking. Pictures of the cue at the site...:grin::grin::grin...
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    Predator Sport2 and Master Chalk

    Well I won the initial drawing for GOLD members on AZ Billiards, the prize I won was a beautiful Predator Sport2 cue. Well I took it to Shooters in Olathe Kansas to hit some balls and play with the cue. As I chalked it up with my brand new Master's chalk that came with the cue, someone asked me...
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    Exit 137 Highway 70 in Missouri 12/8 noon $200 added 9 ball race to 7 DE

    Missouri River Pub Located off of exit 137 on Highway 70 in Missouri, Millersburg is having a $200 added, based on 32 last event had 40. At noon the Calcutta will be started, then the draw and event. Double elimination on nice equipment Diamonds with Simonis cloth. Race to 7 no handicaps, unless...
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    Shooters Olathe 9 ball 104 + players For those of you interested in what is going on at Shooters this weekend here is the bracket for the Open. You can find the womens and 1 pocket charts on I ended up buying 3 horses. Gene Albright Darryl Smith Doug Patrick My 1st...
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    Not Again-- air barrels at US Open

    Shannon and Barry Statement on U.S. Open Everyone, My dad and I are very sorry about the developments at our U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships this year that left some players temporarily unpaid. We now commit to pay every player their full due by no later than Tuesday, November 13, eight days...
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    $2500 Added 9 ball Cahokia Illinois @ The Break 3/31-4/1

    That is right: The Midwest 9 ball tour rolls into Cahokia Illinois where The Break will add $2500 to the Open and and Ladies combined. Race to 9 alternate break. Entries close Saturday at 11 a.m. Mini Tournaments Friday Night.:grin:
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    Midwest 9 ball tourn olathe kansas 2/23 - 2/26 $5000 added

    Shooters in Olathe Kansas will be having their next 100 plus player Midwest 9 ball tour, one pocket starting on Thursday 2/23/12 $1000 added and the 9 ball $5000 added starting Friday night 2/24/12, auction at 8 p.m. I just spoke to Evelyn Dysart the tournament director and that is the weekend...
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    Midwest 9 ball @ the Break NOW 64 players $2500 added

    64 players showed up at the Break this morning for the Midwest 9 ball tour. Bowman McMinn McGrath Sager Quinn Lutman Terbrock Allison Freeman Dunham The Evans brothers Keith Valet Mike Werner Mike Borgmeyer Pj Hoffman Bill Harwell ...........Should be some great matches tomorrow......:grin:
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    $2500 added midwest 9 ball tour 10/18-10/19 cahokia illinois Evelyn and Danny will be at the Break in Cahokia Illinois on the weekend of 10/18/11. There will be an open event and a ladies event. The player auction will most likely start close to 11:30 and sign ups will close out at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. By tournament...