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  • If you can make it down for the Scotty Townsend tourney in Monroe La. between the 15-21 of March, I"ll buy you two or three hundred beers. JG
    No, in Louisiana. Retired, on disability. Back, neck, shoulder all effed up. Thirty years of construction in addition to some bad habits. Been taking care of elderly parent last few years, Mother and her sister both passed away last November, so mostly now just maintaining my Crown Royal research certificate.
    Won a $1500 Dan Dishaw cue at the Galveston tournament in a raffle and gave it to a friend since I never play any more. You and Deb still together? No kids, just dogs? Good to hear Deans doing ok. Take Care.
    no problem I am sorry if I caused any problem for you guys. Call me anytime. I work from 3 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday thru Friday at GM in Wentzville Mo. 586-489-8575.. I just wish I could get off to come watch the Fatboy Challenge. Maybe next year. thanks
    thank you very much, Greg said thanks as well, i told him tonight that you made the change. we really appericate you being a stand up guy. so thanks again, when the derby is over we'll talk on the phone.

    please add to the first post that Fatboy, Greg Sullivan, and Cesars Entertainment Group is not involved in anyway with the calcutta or its promotion.

    We need to have that in there to cover our asses with the casino, I dont want to see Greg get any heat and lose his spot for the DCC over gambling that we are not involved in. We have no problem with it as long as it is made clear that we arnrt involved and there isnt a VIG, that would draw tons of heat and possible troubles nobody wants.

    if you need to talk to me please call me at 702-241-8000

    thanks very much,

    cool, thanks for starting a calcutta on the Fatboy tournemnt, the one Fatboy wont be at :(

    happy new year
    Hey I have a friend who just recently moved to Arkansas from Amarillo Tx...he told me he is going to a tournament in Joplin Missouri tomorrow Oct 2nd...can you give me any info on it???

    Troyce Keeling
    No, I figure Banks Jr will win it. Dustin got knocked out Friday night did not advance.
    Usually try and make money at auctions but since I am working at GM on a contract position, just assume stay home and relax.

    Thanks for the message, but please communicate with me via PM.

    Take care,
    no, we are going to be in germany. I wish we could make it. Hopefully we or I can make it to the next one!
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