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    Jayson Shaw 14.1 Run Story to Air on "60 Minutes"

    You know if it were anybody other than Jayson Shaw I might care but the dude, to me, is truly unlikable. He can hold any title he wants or says and the only thing I will do is wait for someone to beat anything he does and make it legitimate. And it’s funny, I know I am not the only one that...
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    De-constructing everything!

    I see these threads and there are only a few that do this exact robotic movements on tour. The rest are repetitive and repeatable but by no means are they robotic. Plenty of great players shoot this "perfect" idea full of holes (pun intended).
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    Can anyone identify the cue on the left with the white collars???

    The silver rings between the white collars are weights. They are made of a cheap light weight wood. Without the weights they are about 12 or 13 ounces. They were imported under numerous names from Taiwan and China over the years and usually sold in Walmart type discount sections all over the place.
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    Fat guy fashion for pool events

    Flip flops and a face/neck tattoo are a must for your new look.
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    SVB vs T Rex - 1 Pocket, December 6, 7, 8th

    Tony's only hope is to out move SVB and hope those wild shots he sometimes takes are working. If they are, he is hard to beat but if they aren't and he opens up racks SVB will torture him.
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    Don Sherman of Sureman Cues Has Passed

    Sorry to hear about this. I enjoyed seeing and talking to him every year at Derby City. Did a few deals with him and he was always a gentleman. I remember being in his booth 1 year and he did some wheeling and dealing to get a cue back he had sold some years prior. He was tickled like a kid in...
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    Rankings of Custom Cue Makers

    1. Any cue maker that does what they say and delivers when promised that you like to play with. 2. Any cue maker that does what they say and delivers when promised that you do not like to play with. 3. Any other cue maker.
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    How to use this tip tool?

    I use it and like it but it has to be the old metal ones, not the new plastic ones. If the tip is installed correctly it should not come off. None of mine ever have but I do a light burnish. I don't cram it down like I am trying to take out the mushroom.
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    It's "Caption This" time again.

    I can't see shit, whose idea was it for me to wear a hat?
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    Do you practice with cue that's not your player?

    This. I used to play with one cue and if I got to hitting them bad I had a backup that was much heavier and helped me get back in stroke. Then I started playing with an extension and what I found was I liked a heavier and longer cue and haven’t went back. I wish I could find a 4 or 5”...
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    Dennis Orcollo vs SVB (Race to 75) 9 ball (22-24 Sep)

    They made mention at the beginning of the first day SVB offered to play 10 ball but Orcollo declined so this is what they settled on. Basically Derby City breaking rules but a different rack.
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    Dennis Orcollo vs SVB (Race to 75) 9 ball (22-24 Sep)

    Mine is down too
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    Some days...

    I am really struggling with this right now especially knowing how much they could generate. I have several old R series Schons I really love but the last 2 years I have played with a predator butt and a cuetec shaft and will never go back. Well I guess my son will have a decent chunk of money...
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    I have a cue with Blue/Orange/Natural veneers that might look good on ebony and ebony. I have always wanted to do an ebony on ebony with titlist veneers. I think that would look sharp.