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    Players list hard times 10 and 1

    Is there a current players list posted someplace for the hardtimes 10 and 1 event?
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    Tiger X2 Series Pool Cue‏

    Won this cue in a Lee Brett raffle. Very nice cue, but I like the more forward weight in steel jointed cues. Nice deal if someone looking for a good player.
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    Mezz West State stream??

    I have not read anything about streaming the Mezz West State Tour stop this weekend. Is it being streamed??
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    Break cue?

    Are break cues constructed differently than playing cues? I just got a new Tiger cue and was going to just put my old cue and std. shaft it came with in the closet and sell my L.D I purchased for it. I was wondering if there is a difference in construction of play cues and break cues. I was...
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    2 LD shafts forsale.

    I just got a new Tiger cue, so I can sell my old shafts. I have 5/16 x14 Tiger Ultra X LD (12.75mm)and an 5/16 x 14 OB-2 (11.75mm) Both with near new Kitech tips. $125 each or both for $225.00 includes shipping CONUS. Any questions just ask.
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    Mezz West State Tour

    Guess with the holiday this one seems to slipped past without a post. enjoy
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    LF 5/16 x 14 butt only

    I am kind of looking for an inexpensive 5/16 x14 butt to replace the China made one I am currently using. I purchased a Tiger Ultra X shaft for it and love the shaft, it has kicked my game up a notch. After having a local cue maker add some weight to the butt to give it better balance, I am...
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    WTB LD 5/16x14 tiger or ob shaft

    Looking for a LD shaft either tiger or ob 5/16 x 14. Anyone selling one at a reasonable price?
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    Need info please

    I am looking at getting a LD shaft can someone please tell me the difference in 5/16x14 black collar and 5/16x14 silver ring. Is the silver ring cosmetic or dictates a special form of the theads? Both shafts for my play cue have silver rings.
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    What systen

    I left the game for 35 years. I was a reasonable player in my younger days, but old age has bit me on the butt. I really think a solid aiming system would help me. But I would like to find something that does not require a PHd to understand or 3min to aim a shot. I willl never get my old...