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    The Octopus by Black Boar

    Tony continues to put history on the ground with every cue. Just superlative in every detail.
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    B. Szamboti Gem

    Such a great piece of work. Thanks for sharing!!
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    Lucky Day today….new Hercek

    Joel never disappoints. That’s a beauty!!
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    Elegant Ebony Nosed Ginacue

    Such a stunner!!
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    New Michael Morgan

    That’s really nice. Love the acrylic rings & super traditional veneers. Enjoy!!
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    Sold Garage sale - vintage Brunswick, Cortland, and more

    Is this the same type/thread count Cortland used on “classic” cues. Both spools full, how many wraps per spool - if you know? Sell w/o leather? Thanks.
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Thanks, Duane. Pete Sr & Pete Jr were really great to work with, and the cue is incredible!
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Yeah, they play incredibly well!! Really enjoying mine. Best to you!
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Thanks, Bob. I’m really happy with it!!
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Got my Tascarella & it’s spectacular!! The Tasc shop is a pleasure to work with in every way. Great build experience. Killer cue👍👍 Super dark Brazilian Rosewood, as requested, and the Curly Maple really glows. Enjoy the pics, may add more later. Caps by Alton Takata, using veneer strips and...
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    A little work in progress.

    Beautiful work!!
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    Brand new dennis searing golden cue

    Yes, I got it yesterday, 7/23/21. Will be posting pics on here when I get a chance to make some reduced size copies to upload.
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    Geez, Joey. That is really gorgeous!!! Major wood bling, and the ring at the butt cap is so nice - really jumps outta this wood combo. Well done & congrats to the lucky owner👍👍
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    Shaun your cues are finished...

    Always really great work!!