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  • Mike...If you ever make it to Valley Forge or nationals, look me up. I would like to meet you if I have not already. Sam
    Hi Mike and thanks for the rep.
    Cathy and I are planning on going to VF as usual. I'm sure we will see you there sometime. Take care and travel safe.
    I'm out making new friends for the new year here on AZB, So I am just asking for your friend ship, If your ever in vegas please let me know.

    happy new year!!!!

    Eric :)

    PS: Mike, have you heard from BVal? I cant seem to find him and his phone number has changed. I hope he is ok. thanks take care,
    Dear Mike- now the same happened to me. I thought the Deal has been gone to nothing. Noe I´ve missed your message.
    Pics would be great- it´s a little bit tricky for me too, for I don´t know you.
    Send please to g.r.burkhardt@googlemail.com

    Greets Guido
    Hi Mike,
    great! I´m now on a short weekend with my wife. On monday I will the transfer the money to paypal what takes a few days - I now that from experience.
    I presume the money will be on your account end of next week.
    Are there some more things to know about the cue?

    Greets Guido
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