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  • Thanks for your post about converting your Regina. I was starting to think nobody had tackled this before...if you don't mind, I have a couple of questions about how you redid your table...all you had to do was chop off and angle the rail ends? How about the sub-rail? The original cushions you pulled off...where they U23, or a special monarch cushion, or...? Did you have rework/calibrate the rails, or did a straight K66 swap give you the right nose height? Any shimming necessary on the rails, or are they nice a tight at the bottom? I apologize for the barrage, but you are the only one who piped up that has evidently conquered this conversion firsthand (and on a similar vintage brunswick table, no less)...nobody has returned my calls yet...thank you very much for your time, it's greatly appreciated.
    Is the wrap on the cue leather? or what material is it? Im interested in this cue. heres my numeber 562 2056278
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