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    Elkmaster chalk impregnated?

    Is it or isn't it? :confused:
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    Chatter Line?

    What is the a chatter line in wood? Is it the growth rings? Is there any truth to shooting with the line in any certain orientation?
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    Champ with 18oz, Chump with 20?

    If I go from 18ish oz to 19.5 or more my game falls apart. It made me curious about the effect weight has on stroke. Must be a timing thing but I don't understand it? Not all that important of a question, I know, just the curse of the curious.
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    Is pinning a term for over-cutting with stun? I've heard CJ and others use this expression, especially for bar tables.
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    1 piece into 2?

    I want to have my favorite 1 piece house stick cut for portability. People say it'll play different and not to do it. Is there any truth to this or just a myth? Also, any recommendations on who to do it? Best pin to use? Anything else I need to know? Thanks in advance and don't have to much...
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    Cut shots with stun vs top or bottom

    What is happening here exactly? Oftentimes I get an undercut with stun compared to draw or top..
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    CB speed and OB throw?

    How does speed affect object ball throw? On Dr Dave's great site he has calculations for ob throw at different speeds. He also demonstrates the difference in aiming cut shots with stun vs. draw and top. These are shots with no side English. Dr Dave is helpful but only touches on each point. I...
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    Joss for sale 2012 jsm50

    Nice Joss in great shape. 13mm 18.8 Kamui Clear. $300.
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    Joss jsm50

    Very nice Joss jsm50. Pics to come. $300
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    Cushion nose too high?

    I bought a 4 1/2 x 9 commercial Brunswick from a pool hall. I don't know the model but it was made in 1995. The table banks very short and I was told the nose of the cushion, where the ball hits, is too high. I measured it at slightly less than an 1/8" higher. A friend suggested the cushion...
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    Books on safeties

    Any good books out there for sale or to recommend?
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    Books for safeties

    Back in the day, playing safe was a good way to start a fight. These days I need to get with the program. Any good book recommendations to look for?
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    Original Predator Z shaft

    I borrowed an original Z shaft and was wondering what the difference is between it and the Z2? Also, how much should I expect to pay for a Z in good condition? Thanks in advance.
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    Hal Mix

    I'm looking for a book by Hal Mix. I don't know it's title but anything on Hal Mix would be appreciated.
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    New OB came in the mail today

    This cue came today. I'm a believer, this cue just made the game almost too easy. I'll get back as the "newness" wears off but I have to say I'm initially very impressed. :thumbup: