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  • If you don't mind me asking, about what can I expect to pay for a McDermott D-17 like you sold last year? Thanks
    Mark, do you have any 3x6 cue cases in the 'reasonable range' or should I just get something off ebay? I have a 1x2 and two 2x4's to move if you have anything you can use for trade bait or would just like to purchase. The 1x2 is a two piece case in brown with a removeable top like an old Palmer case and one 2x4 is leather made by a company called Crusade that I think I got from you but not sure.
    The other 2x4 in black vinyl is from McDermott's Shooters Collection. They both have two pockets, one short and one long.

    Let me know.............Greg
    Hello MJ -

    Whitten case arrived today. I am very happy with the different 2x4 design. I wanted the long pocket and the top handle. I gave you a good rep.

    I was checking out the CC J-B you have for sale and I'm interested in it. Would consider trades for another high end J-B?
    I have one in great condition with the original shaft in green I will let go fir 225. Please lmk of interested, thanks!
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