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    Matchroom Predator Championship League Pool

    That is ridiculous, they even looked at it again on the replay. He’s right the 7 wouldn’t have gone where it was if hit first Also the referee is further out of order saying “he is going mental” in there, if she thinks questioning her decision is going mental then ..?
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    Brunswick VIp imperial

    Seen one for sale. Needs TLc but are these up there with the gold crown? thanks for any input
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    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    Hi Guys thanks for all the replies. Scott will start responding once his application gets approved but I will just add one comment For those saying removing a wall is the easiest option, well I have met his wife and you haven’t ,so “a moving table it is” 😂😂
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    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    I’m posting this on behalf of my buddy, he hasn’t got his approval to post yet- I guess admin are too busy playing pool and that’s the way it should be! ....If I may I’d like to throw the problem into the forum and see if it elicits any new ideas or pitfalls that I didn’t think of. I’m half...
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    Anyone know what table this

    I’m looking to purchase a table. The seller doesn’t know what make or model it is- seems to have no markings. Does anyone know what it is. Thanks
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    Ratio of Pool Skill to Money Spent (or Given) on Cues

    Don’t snooker cues have much smaller tips, since they hit smaller balls?
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    Room sizes

    He is at the early stages. Currently it works just by a simple push and what surprised me is the balls dont move. When he finishes it, he intends to have Bluetooth activation so when you finish your shot, you tap a button in your back pocket and by the time you are ready for your next shot, the...
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    Room sizes

    Some interesting comments on which size to go for. What would everyone’s opinion be on going fo the larger table but having it on a moving rail system so that each side can easily have cueing space? Buddy of mine has done this and it works great