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  • Enjoyed talking this morning... I look forward to getting the chalk holder... call with any other questions... Have you looked at to sell your chalk holders? They are sort of like ebay for handmade items... Talk soon... Travis
    Dont think pic came through... it is the pocket chalk holder with macassar ebony, elk antler, purpleheart, and a stacked leather chalk holder... I'd want it for Master's chalk... Thanks, Travis
    Hi Mike...

    I really like this pocket chalk holder... could you make one for me? Same woods, possibly a little longer, but not much... Let me know... it is beautiful... great workmanship!
    Travis Springer - - 601 341 1159
    Why would I take offense? I hate meuccis. The really old ones were good, the last 15 plus years they made terrible cues.
    Hi Mike!
    I read an old post of yours about waxes: HERE
    Do you still use the Meguiar's Ultimate Pure Synthetic Polymer Paste Wax?
    Do you feel like it's very slick?

    i sent a massage last night under the name of tenn fats . some reason i couldnt log on.but like i said i was the one who got the bocate off you and wanted to know you bottom price of the goncalo alves.this is my new name
    Hi Mike ill get a couple together and pm to you i wasnt offering an instock case i was offering to do a custom build in the trade but yes i can do a case for ya any kind. Feel free to contact me anytime. think all i have in pictures at the moment is a custom butterfly i just finished and my personal case which has been used and abused for the last 6 years but i will see what i can dig up. The way i usually work is i usually take a 50 dollar deposit if the case is personalized like witha name or a design that i dont think would be easy to sell at that point i will give a time frame and i am easy to contact here or on my blackberry and if i dont meet the time frame i will refund deposit if the customer desires. I try to be fair and reasonable with eceryone i do business with as all my sales are referrals from customers.
    Hello Mike ,coker makes great cues- your offering fair prices too. good luck (welcome to azb) mark
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