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    Opinions on "forced win" rule.

    Player vs player in a match..and their score is tied, hill hill. Player A breaks a rule that, by the book, automatically gives him a loss. Player B, by the book, gets the win and the match BUT player B doesnt want to win by a technicality and insists on playing the final game anyway...
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    Burton Spain Speaks....

    From Billiard News March 1982
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    Pool room 1866

    As it appeared in the 1907 book: Atlanta - The Metropolis of the South Written and compiled by J.D. Cleaton
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    Pool room 1866

    Title : Five Points Photographer: Unknown Description: View of Peachtree Street looking north from the railroad tracks, showing the destruction by Union troops in Atlanta, Georgia. Geographic Location :Atlanta (Ga.) Peachtree Street (Atlanta, Ga.) Five Points (Atlanta, Ga.) United...
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    Table Design and Function - 2 Questions

    1. Can/have you designed a table that you feel is "better" in quality and/or function than any table available to the average consumer? If so, please show us. 2. If you are inclined to ponder such things, is there anything missing from the "best" tables out there. If so, please describe it...
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    Mosconi Cards

    I don't know that much about them, save the fact that the estate produced them. I would like to nail down what year, for records purposes. Fwiw two of the photographers are named on the cards.
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    American Cue Makers Prior To 1920 (in progress)

    Brunswick's new selections for 1915
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    American Cue Makers Prior To 1920 (in progress)

    Albert Pick & Co cue from 1915
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    Death of a Table Mechanic

    You can read all kinds of stories about the lives of pool and billiard players. You can even read stories about companies and producers of billiard related items like tables and cues. But what you never see (until now) is a story about the man behind the scenes, who physically installed and...
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    New Brunswick GC6 - Any Questions?

    I have an interview scheduled with Brunswick representatives to discuss the details of the new Gold Crown 6 table, which is based on a design created by Colin Tury, winner of the re-design contest. Submit any questions you might have about the new table and we'll include some of them in the...
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    Brunswick Hub Cue

    This entry in the 1925 patent digest basically confirms what we already know...
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    Brunswick Hub Cue

    You're on it doc. And dammit now it makes me wonder if I should look thru more Albert Pick info to see if Herman tried to get his hub cue produced at their factory while he was there... Edit: It also re-occurred to me, now that I think about it, the relevance of who the men were, that Herman...
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    Trump Reverses Obamas Elephant Trophy Ban
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    Rambow 360

    I received this email yesterday and I'm wondering if you feel the same way about it that I do: " I have in my possession a second owner original H. J. Rambow Cue.* This particular cue was shown in an article from a June 1989 Pool and Billiard magazine (of which I have a copy).* It is ivory...