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  • Don't know what happened. You posted images of Brunswick items. I tried to respond to your posts, but your post disappeared.
    Would like to see the items you posted.
    Hello Mr. Bond,

    I recently purchased a vintage lithograph of the Garden City Billiard company which is shown on your website. I realize that something this rare is hard to place a value on and you aren't an appraiser, but do you have any recommendations for me. I don't want to sell it but it would be nice to learn a little more and get a ballpark value for insurance purposes. Thank you for your time.
    Thank You for getting back to me . I already have sent a message to Mr. Howerton ,sorry I had the wrong person the first time.
    I am currently rocking away to your Walk On Song contribution.LOL
    I don't think I could I could beat that one for you.LOL
    It's so funny to listen to.LOL

    When I Get your song I will post it but I don't think it will better your selection LOL

    I bow to MR Bond LOL
    Some of you have sent me "friend requests" in the past - that seem to have disappeared somehow.... that or I'm just a clutz and clicked the wrong thing ! Please feel free to resend and I promise not to lose them this time :)
    Thanks for the starting of somethings we have been talking about for years but never communicates well in the forums.

    Thanks for the hard work,
    This craig n10spool I haven't seen a request yet but thanks for the heads up. When are they planning a get together.
    Palace is on Roosevelt, north side of street, tucked back away from the road in a shopping center complex. Right now the Burlington Coat Factory and Guitar Center are the big anchor stores. I dont know what the stores would have been when you were around...

    I dont live in VP - but have some friends that do, so I'm over there regularly. Did you know they converted the old Ovaltine factory into apartments? and they blew up the old smoke stack too! ( i think there's a youtube video of it)

    Where is Palace Billiards? I really miss the Italian Beef from back there. Can't get the good stuff out here. I remeber the Stardust now that you mention it but didn't play there. Like I said I played at Villa Park Bowl, Villa and St. Charles. Do you live in Villa Park? Most of my family is still there, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. We all went to Willowbrook HS. Have a great Sunday, I'm watching the Bears right now 10-7 Wash leads.

    Joe G
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