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  • Sorry Man, just got message.. I would have def stopped by! Take my number down if you are ever out by Philly. Always looking to meet our tradespeople. When I do those long trips I don't **** around much, well I did stop at the VLA on way back through NM.. Cya around
    Craig it's jeff miller i have artemis rail rubber the intercontinental 66 for 14 tables my dad "ez" is in a rehab home he just had his leg amputated and we need help financially 360-286-1966 please call me when you can thanks man
    If you do bar boxes, you may want to contact Cony Mendoza of http://dvpool.com/ or Jeannie Parker, the owner of Vinnie's Bar & Grill in Concord. There are a slew of bar tables in this area that are always in need of work. At least, I'm constantly asked about it. Players sometimes ask me too. There are supposed to be a few guys out here that work on tables, but for whatever reason either people don't like their work (and I believe with good reason) or they aren't available for contact.
    You might be able to sort something out from www.thebox.bz it's a British torrent community specialising in chiefly British and European programmes and has a sizable snooker section in high definition. I haven't been there in ages, but I reckon it might be a good place to start if you're interested. For myself, I bought a burned DVD of a Paul Hunter tribute from England that included a little bit of his Masters victories. Hope that helps!
    yup, it's Paul Hunter! I was-- and still am-- such an enormous fan of his quality snooker and genuine character.
    Craig, i'm going to buy a table from jay helfert in las vegas will you go get it and take it to my mom's and set it up? Call me whenever 360 621-9694 i heard you do a lights out job setting up etc. Let me know thanks, jeff
    Craig, that guy will let me have that table for 1000.00. Will you go get it for me? Let me know thanks, jeff 360 621-9694 afternoons after 2pm
    would that be with a rca record player and you lower a horn on to pre speaker days no it would be green ready wouldnt it.
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