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    WTT Blackcreek for IpadII

    I would like to trade a Blackcreek Hoppe style cue for an Ipad II. Ebony butt and veneered points with railroad style ring work. Cue weighs 18 7/8 oz with both shafts. Shafts are 12.98mm and 12.85mm with non ivory ferrules. Flat faced joint with big pin. Rolls straight together and apart. No...
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    Al Baron passed away

    For you New England players of years gone by, Al Baron passed away after a lengthy illness in Florida. Before moving to Florida he was the owner of The Cue Connection in Merrimack NH from 1985 to 1992. Al was a mover and a shaker in New England, with the many tournaments and visiting pro's he...
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    My SBE Sugartree

    A little something I picked up at Valley Forge. What do you think? Glen
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    Santa Part 2

    I also got this from Santa. A Szamboti tribute. What do you think of this "UNHIT" cue. It is 5 years old Mottey and un hit. Glen
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    Santa Szam

    Look what Santa left for me.
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    Gorgeous Tim Scruggs for sale

    The cue is new this year. Balabushka tribute. All the white is ivory. The butt weighs 15 oz and each shaft is 4 oz with 13 mm tips. Lizard wrap and ivory Bushka ring. One shaft has been test hit only. Tim and Mike did an outstanding job on this cue. Cue is no longer for sale. Thanks for all the...
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    Gina for sale

    I have a Gina cue for sale. I originally bought this cue, from a fellow AZ'r to see what a Gina felt like to hit with. From the original thread. " THIS CUE IS NEW TEST HIT ONLY AND IS SIGNED IN THE POINT I AM SELLING THIS CUE WITH THE CASE. IT WEIGHS 19.5 OZ. 2 13MM SHAFTS WITH IVORY...
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    James White for sale

    I have this James White for sale. The description is stolen from the original thread. James White makes about 15 cues a year. He is recognized as one of the best cuemakers in the business by cuemakers and collectors both. This is a fine example of his pointwork and simple playability details...
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    Cortland on e-bay Someone is selling 2 150 yard spools of 12lb test vacuum packed monofiliment. He states it should do 5 cues. I have never heard of...
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    Rusty case

    This is a new case that I recieved. Rusty's tooling is just incredible. I hope Rusty doesn't mind me using his pictures. What say you all. Glen
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    Guess the Maker

    I recently received this cue direct from the maker. The purple rings really stand out more than the photos can show. It is fashioned like the old style cue makers used to create. The cue came out just beautiful. What do you think? Glen
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    Mike Webb cue for sale

    A beautiful Mike Webb cue for sale. Amboyna butt with ivory spear heads and diamonds. Six points, three high, three low snake wood. Ring-tailed lizard wrap with buckhorn joint and butt cap. 58 inch cue, two shafts at 12.5 mm and 12.8 mm. Weight is 18 3/4 oz and 18 5/8 oz. or best offer shipped...
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    Mike Webb cue just arrived....

    Here are pics of a cue that Mike Webb has made for me. The fit and finish of this cue are superb. When screwing the shaft to the forearm, there is no slop, a very nice fit. The points all line up and are razor sharp. Mike is very detail-oriented. He will not release a cue until he thinks it is...
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    Clear your pm box. Glen
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    My new Barry Szamboti

    The guessing game is over. I have not had time to get other pics yet. Barry used Gus's linen for the wrap,Gus's ivory for the joint and ferrules and one shaft from Gus's stock. All and all not a bad job. Glen