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  • Out of curiousity, are you still selling Jacoby Hybrid Edge Shafts? I ordered one from you about a year ago and things went pretty well. Thank you
    Hi Neil.

    Did you get my other message about the weight bolt? Did you include the extra weight bolt with the cue?

    This was the lucasi Hybrid that you sent to Korea.

    I'm interested in buying the p2 butt but your pm box is full. Will submit payment same day as confirmation of sale.

    Thank you,
    i already bough the cue from kidwill but.. my brother want 1 too but he is mainly looking for 4pointer like John davis blank he would pay up 600-700
    I am trying to buy the Jacoby Edge Hybrid Radial that you posted was similar to an OB Classic Pro off of you. Are you still selling it?
    very interested. whats the specs on it? what shaft does it come with? could you send me some pictures? you can send it on here or threw my email. thanks. looking forward from hearing from you. thanks
    Im sure your busy... but i want to buy that jacoby edge shaft from you on friday! just making sure you have one in stock.. i pmed you, 5/16X14 - triangle hard tip, but i want is ASAP so what ever tip is cool.... 12.5mm like you said would be fine... if i want it smaller i will get it turned down... thanks bud! I have the money and with the great reviews out there i wanna try it badly!
    Neil, I just wanted to give you a status update about the Jacoby Edge that I'm wanting to purchase from you. I still have my Billiard Warehouse 2nd generation break cue for sale and so far no interest. I sold my first gen in less than a day so go figure. Being so close to Christmas I just can't spend the cash without getting this other cue sold. So, I'm still interested in the Jacoby and will still get it from you but I can't promise how quickly it's going to happen. Thanks and I will be in touch.

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