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    Quick Follow Up

    Hello all, I thought I posted a tread like this earlier today, but it appears I forgot to save it or something. Ah the joys of medication. Anyway, I wanted to thank all of those who were able to donate and those who reviewed my issue and learned something about one of your fellow players. I...
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    Request From Long Acquaintance

    Hello, I dropped out of the pool scene a couple years back due to some limitations of cancer. It's hitting me pretty hard and cannot be cured but I can still use your help if you are willing. The current chemotherapy side effects have sidelined me and put me on disability which of course...
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    Looking for Doc from OBCues

    Hey Doc. I lost your contact info and was hoping to get in touch with you. It's been about three years but I you did not forget shooting with me. My email is Thanks Dan Avsec
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    A little help please

    Hello All, I have not been online or in the pools halls for about 3 years. The reason is that I have been fighting cancer and spending a boatload of time in the hospital. For some reason, when I heard about my friend Royce, I remembered a stash of billiard books I had made the decision to get...
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    New Brunswick Centennial Balls w/Aramith Case

    Shot with once, mint condition. $175.00/offer. Please add $10.00 for shipping. I also have the original box if you want it as well. --Add measle cueball too.
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    Leaving Pool

    Schon LTD 1304 with OB Pro Classic shaft, great condition, slight ding in bottom of butt. Mezz Air Shooter New condition OB Break Cue New condition
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    Another Great Invention for the Pool World

    I am sitting here thinking about pool and my problems with the shaft getting dirty making it more unconfortable to stroke and shoot the ball. Then it hits algae. You take a dirty shaft and spread blue algae seeds on it. This algae is very dry and slick and does not grow very tall...
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    Every Once in a While This Topic Comes Up

    Comfortable pools shoes. I did not think they existed until I got these:,default,pd.html?cid=04O&cgid=men-footwear they are light and super comfortable. Just thought I would share.
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    APA is Gaining a Monkey

    I just talked to an LO that I really respect and found my place in the APA. She is allowing me to come in as a 7/9 and said I am allowed to miss as much as I like. I think I am going to love it there.
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    FYI, Kamui Chalk up to $28.00 on Ebay

    Bid while you can!
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    As Experienced Pool Players

    is it possible that we already know how to make the shot and where the cueball will go long before we actually "think" about it? I am guessing we do but would like opinions. Secondly, I believe active thinking can mess up a shot or leave as well.
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    Ball in Hand Question

    I was hooked good and scratched shooting at the OB. I grabbed the cue ball out of the pocket and it slipped out of my hand, bounced on the table and fell right into a 5 lb jar of vaseline I carry to all my matches. I pick up the ball and place it in my opponents hand. Wasn't it good...
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    Problem With Dominant Eye

    damn thing keeps falling out and into a pocket. Everytime I put it back in I sneeze if it has chalk on it. Man this sucks.
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    My View of CTE

    I have played many sports and was able to play them pretty well. It always amazed me how many plays I could not remember I made even when somebody showed me a video. In a split second my body would react and the next thing I know the play was over. I always tried to correlate this to pool...
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    Idea for Kamui

    Impregnate one of their tips with their new chalk and charge $75.00 per chalkless tip. When they actually do this, remind them they owe me 50% for the idea :)