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    4 sp's

    The two on the left are valley supreme conversions 200.00 a piece Third from the left is a 60 inch bocote full splice with a cueball joint and buttcap 300.00 The last one is an ebony dufferin conversion 275.00 If interested please call me at 309 361 7162 Thanks Steve Klapp
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    4 point pechauer 3 shafts 2 new ob classics

    Took this in on trade. Asking 575.00 If interested please call me at 309 361 7162 Thanks Steve
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    7 ready to finish to your specs.

    The rosewood sneakies are from Huebler's old shop-2ebony dufferins - the bocote is a 30 inch cue Itook back in on trade- and coco and nice curly sister cues.If interested in any of these please call me. 309-361-7162 Thanks Steve
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    tulipwood and ebony recuts in progress

    opinions appreciated. Thanks Steve
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    ebony and snakewood recuts

    Just finished this one. Cue is available. Thanks for looking. Steve
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    6 point ebony and snakewood recut

    butt weighs 15.2 oz shafts weigh 4.0 and 3.9 with juma ferrules and triangle tips asking 1500.00. Any questions please call 309 361 7162
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    Phone stolen new number

    My phone got stolen last night and for some reason they can't give me my old number.For any of my customers wanting to get ahold of me call 309 361 7162 It could be tomorrow before it's activated. Thanks Steve Klapp
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    coco and curly sister cues

    Cues will be completed this weekend. Call if interested for specs. 950.00 for the set. Steve 309 351 1944
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    old growth shafts

    I have several of my 140 year old shafts down to last couple passes. I'm asking 150.00 a shaft. These are really exeptional shafts. Steve Klapp 309 361 7162
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    8 pointer for diesel

    Just finished for AZ member deisel
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    ebony and curly 6 pointer rosewood titilist finished to your specs

    6 pointer 525.00 titilist 625.00 with one shaft extra shaft add 100.00. Thanks Steve
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    5 Ebony Dufferin Sneakies

    These are just a few days away from finishing. The reason I'm posting them not completed is some people like the dufferin logo left on them and some don't. 325.00 each completed.
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    Let's do another refinish special

    Refinish with linen 125.00 with leather 150.00 wrapless 150.00 plus shipping. Steve Klapp 309-361-7162
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    full splice butterfly

    Just finished this one. Cue is for Miss Emily Duddy. Thanks for looking Steve
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    2 6 pointers and an oak titleist in progress

    All three of these cues are available and ready to finish . Thanks for looking Steve