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    Triangle and Triumph Tips

    I'll give him a call tomorrow.
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    420 Scotchweld

    Anybody have to replace a joint pin that has been installed with the Scotchweld 420? I've had two of them recently. It doesn't seem to break down as easy as epoxy with heat. Both took a couple reheats to get the job done.
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    Triangle and Triumph Tips

    It is my understanding that some of their materials don't originate, but travel through Britain.
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    Triangle and Triumph Tips

    The lock down of Britain is keeping material from getting to the factory. Also having to ship by boat instead of air has driven up their cost like 400%. What a year...
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    New McDermot Cue for sale

    Nice! Thanks so much! Friend won a couple cues in raffles. Asked me to help him sell them.
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    Another Revo silencer pad question/juma pad

    Absolutely agree on S/H.
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    Are table spots mandatory?

    Not sure about a rule, but the spot protects the cloth from wearing out.
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    New McDermot Cue for sale

    Brand new never been chalked! McDermot G - 704. Leather wrap, Quick release joint. Also comes with a I - shaft. Cue retails for $775. Pics don't do it justice. $550 firm.
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    Ron Vitello 90/90 DVD and Book

    As many of you know Ronnie V passed away a few years ago. I've had more than a few folks contact me to see about purchasing the DVD/book he had made not long before his demise. Long story short... Ron's Daughter got me in touch with Ron's widow. She is selling the DVD/book, but it was mostly by...
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    Identify Info

    Has anyone ever heard of a cue maker that signed his cues Doss 4?
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    Triangle and Triumph Tips

    New Triangle tips! Have asked them to change the box somehow when they do go into production so we will all know we are getting new stock.
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    Triangle and Triumph Tips

    Is it just me, or has Tweeten lost their ability to make tips at all? I know this sounds harsh, but I cut 4 off the same cue today before I got one to shape that wasn't mush. I've sent back boxes of Triumph's and they sent me two boxes back for my inconvenience. Some of the tips are very soft to...
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    Borrowed Cues

    He let his buddy borrow it lol!
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    Narrowed Tenons

    Got this in for a tip and ferrule replacement. Got me to wondering. Has anyone else noticed the the tenon looking like it was put into a pencil sharpener. I think it created the weak spot along with a thin walled ferrule, but my question is to what purpose it serves. Someone must have felt like...
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    Opinions wanted on clear finishes.

    The tip on which CAs to use was the ticket! Those blotches didn't appear at first. They showed up after letting it set about an hour. I thought it was some type of reaction to the ring material I was using, so I coated with epoxy first, and then applied the CA. Same thing happened. Using the...