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    Glass pool table...

    Not sure if this has already been posted: "The most advanced pool table in the world, the G-1 features a glass and resin playing structure and striking modern design. The patented transparent playing surface replaces the traditional felt but allows the balls to...
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    Predator Z2 shaft for Longoni cue

    Since I never use this shaft, I might as well sell it: 1 Predator Z2 shaft for Longoni cue (XP joint), with a Kamui tip -- $190 (plus actual shipping). The shaft has less than 10 hours of play and is in perfect condition. Those shafts sell for $290 at Longoni USA...
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    Me -- the ultimate moneyball bozo

    I don't know what's wrong with me, but the closer I get to the moneyball the worse I play. Yesterday, new year's eve, I entered an eight-ball tourney, played my normal crappy game but managed to get to the semifinals where I was ahead two games, got on the hill, broke and ran all the way to the...
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    java test

    didn't work
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    The ethical thread (without racist jabber)

    Yes, it's in our heads, and since I often end up playing the devil's advocate (some of you might even think I aspire to become the devil himself) I must say that I like Patrick Johnson's scenario, especially since the initial post (above) didn't describe this woman much more than being...
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    No Mosconi Cup pay-per-view...?!

    Last year I watched ever single rack of the Mosconi Cup thanks to Matchroom's pay-per-view... and the subscription only cost $10. Though, this year Matchroom doesn't list any ppv on their site (as far as I can see). Don't tell me there won't be any podcast from this year's Mosconi -- how...
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    What kind of joint is this...?

    I wonder if this is a standard joint:
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    Squirt-test machine available..?

    I wonder if someone has a squirt/deflection machine that I could use to test my cues & shafts with? I'm eager to find a more factual/scientific way to this matter rather than rely on Bobby Jewett's skewed perception (no offense). I'm willing to send or even travel with my cues to have this...
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    Missing cue at the World Snooker Championships...

    This missing (stolen?) cue happen to be my cue that I lent Ajeya. Below is a picture of it -- it's a John Parris 3/4 (butt/shaft) 22" ebony & olive wood butt and a 57" ash shaft euro-tapered to a 10mm tip, with a super short ferrule (about two millimeters). It weighs 18.8 oz and has a...
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    Mike Massey video...

    This is yet another silly video that I shot with my dinky camera: Mike Massey running racks on us at Shoreline Billiards last Tuesday. Mike being cool & friendly as always: (remember to click on the "watch in high quality" button) -- peer
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    How to treat a cork wrap...?

    I have an old Brunswick cue with a cork wrap (see below). Although the cork is quite well preserved for being a 110+ year old cue, it's very fragile -- just a poke with my nail will take a piece out of it. It's also very dry, too dry for my taste. So I wonder how to treat it -- to make it...
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    Looking for a cue-case that holds 5 butts...

    I'm looking for a cue case (soft or hard) that holds 5 butts and at least 7 shafts. Any pointers appreciated. -- peer
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    Size of 314's hole...?

    Anyone knows the diameter of the hollow hole of the original Predator 314..? I'm also curious how far it goes down into the shaft. -- peer
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    Shut up or put up -- 90 degree "impossible" cut-shot

    I never thought a true 90-degree cut-shot was possible, but when I finally managed to persuade my nemesis/hero Bob Jewett to try this -- whatever I thought was impossible he somehow managed to pull off in front of my dinky camera... and it didn't take him long either. And to make it even more...
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    Rule question -- freakiest scenario

    As I was playing 9-ball with my buddy James the other night, he left a hanging five-ball. Since I'm very bad at shooting balls that sit in the jaws of the pockets, I took ample time to figure out what would be the appropriate speed & english to get the cue-ball up table for position on the...