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    Bonus Ball PPV not working

    I tried buying the PPV to check it out and it is simply not working, it keeps saying that I have to buy the stream again. I have already paid twice and I still can't access the stream. Is there any trick I should know about? I can't find a contact form or email either at their website. :(
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    OB Classic XL as break shaft

    Hi. Can the OB Classic XL be used as a break shaft? Does anybody know if there is an "OB Classic Break" in the pipeline? I understand OB has a dedicated break shaft, I just like the hit of the "classic" versions better. Also, I find it quite interesting that, as per web specs, the XL is 13,2mm...
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    Eurotour Costablanca Spain - pictures

    I took some pictures of the 8-ball event right after the eurotour organized by the Spanish federation. Many great players participated in the event and Dominic Jentsch took the first place, while Marcus Chamat took second; Oliver Ortmann and Niels Feijen tied for 3rd/4th. Jentsch was on...
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    Keith Josey Matched Set

    Hi this is my Josey custom matched set. It arrived recently. Playing cue is ebony with amboyna burl handle and inlays. Break cue is rosewood with cocobolo handle and birdseye inlays. Jump cue is also rosewood. All white is Elforyn, ferrules are his standard phenolic ferrules. Includes new...
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    3 foul after break in 9ball

    Is it common practice to go for a 3 foul with a safe on the 1 after your opponent miscues on the break and touches no balls in 9ball? :o This happened to me the other day and left me... let's say a little surprised. I understand it is most likely legal, just wanted to know if it is an usual...
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    Samsara Precision Ground Shafts and Dominiak HG shafts

    Hi. Has anybody tried the Samsara precision ground shafts? How good are they? Also, has anybody tried the Dominiak HG shafts? The reason I ask is that I am thinking of getting a high quality maple shaft for my joss to see if I can decide whether playing with an OB-1 or a standard maple shaft...
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    Mezz screw in extension

    I currently play with a Joss cue and I am not very tall so I always found the Mezz extension system quite interesting ( ) . I was wondering if such bumper would fit the joss or if the standard joss bumper (...
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    Heavy OB-1 shaft

    Hi! I have a radial pin cue that is a little rear weighted: butt is 14.25oz shafts are 3.80oz balance is approx. 17.7 in. from the butt cap end. This is not ideal but the problem got worse when I started using an OB-1 weighting 3.35oz; with it the cue is less than 18oz and balance is like...
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    Inverse full splices

    Besides aesthetics, what is the reason why full splices are almost always constructed with the heavy wood (ebony, cocobolo, rosewood, etc.) at the back and the light wood (maple) at the front? Wouldn't a maple into ebony for example (as opposed to ebony into maple) have a more forward balance...
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    Mezz Extension

    What do you think about this screw on bumper extension? is it useful? I currently play with a Jacoby and was wondering if their bumper could be fitted to my cue or something similar... I guess their set is only for Mezz cues. Are there any other extensions like this (screw on) available for...
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    Instroke cases questions

    Hi! I need a new case to carry my cues and after buyin a J&J rolling 4x8 case that is not really that good (tubes are not lined and cues rattle, besides it is darn heavy, 6.2 lbs empty, and wheels make it unstable), I think an Instroke is the better option for cue protection and functionality...
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    wooden joint sleeves

    Hi! I know most joints have stainless steel or phenolic sleeves, but I sometimes see wooden (cocobolo, bocote or maple for example) sleeves. Are these wooden sleeves convenient for a radial pin or are they more fragile than the SS or phenolic counterparts? I am going to order a cue and...