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    Paul Mottey amboyna burl beauty

    For Sale: a pristine 2007 Paul Mottey masterpiece. Four amboyna burl points into BEM forearm. Four veneers of natural, blue-green, brown and black. Ivory spear on each point. Butt is highly figured amboyna burl with 16 razor-sharp ivory diamonds. I wish I had a better camera to capture the...
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    Ed Young wrapless FS

    Deal fell through so this mint Ed Young wrapless cue is still for sale. Nothing wrong with the cue except for a sugar mark on the handle which I failed to disclose in my original listing. See the last photo below to see the mark. I'm relisting the cue with a reduced price. $1850 shipped. Here...
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    Four Ed Young cues for sale

    All four cues are in excellent condition, clean, dead straight and lightly played. Additional pictures, specs and prices to follow below. All cues are 29/29 inches and 3/8-11 pins. No trades, as I'm moving abroad and can't take cues with me. Would prefer not to use Paypal due to the high fees...
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    Screw-on ferrule?

    My newly purchased Ed Young cue was not hitting very well. I figured the layered tips were dried out, so I took the shafts for new tips, with pads. When the cue repairman was finished with the tip and was cleaning up the ferrule, the whole ferrule fell off! There was an aluminum screw holding...
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    iTrader not updating

    I hope this is the right place to post this. There was once a subforum for technical or software issues but I don't see it any more. My iTrader rating is not updating. Seems stuck at 50 trades but I know I have at least 51 or 52 trades.
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    FS OB-1 3/8X10 shaft

    Rolls straight, no dings, overall very good condition. Not sure what kind of tip it has but the tip is worn down and may need to be replaced soon. $120 shipped.
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    I was SCAMMED on Accu-Stat DVD's!

    I responded to a For Sale listing for 65-70 new Accu-Stat DVD's from indy1p. This is the original listing The seller indicated that he was selling the box of DVDs for a friend and even gave me a refund of $100 explaining that someone had...
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    Predator Hoppe LE and Predator Sport Cues FS

    Predator Willie Hoppe LE for sale! Comes with matching case and Uniloc joint protectors. Only 500 were made and this one is in like new condition. Shaft is a low deflection 314-2. SOLD Pending Also selling a Predator Sport cue in excellent condition. This cue has a very unique dual-density sport...
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    A Couple of Whitten 2x4's FS

    For Sale: Two Whitten 2x4 cases. The first case is a brown lizard with black leather trim in like new condition. Included is a stick and extra spacers. This case is very sharp looking has has only been used to store cues at home. Price is $290 shipped CONUS. Second case is a black lizard 2x4 in...
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    FS: Jim Pierce Maple Beauty for sale

    Selling a sweet hitting Jim Pierce wrapless maple cue. Used for about an hour and rolls straight apart and together. 17.7 oz total. Shaft is 13.1 mm and dense 4.0 oz. 3/8 x 11 pin. Phenolic joint. Asking $325 shipped. Price reduced to $275 shipped!
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    Great Instructional DVDs! Max Eberle and Jimmy Reid

    Max Eberle 3-disc DVD set plus his book Zen Pool. Good for learning the Basics. High quality video. SOLD Jimmy Reid 3-disc DVD set All That I Know plus No Time for Negative and The Art of 8 Ball. Sold pending. All these items are in excellent shape with original packaging. Lots of good info for...
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    Two nice jump/break cues: Sledgehammer and Gilbert

    Selling two j/b cues. First one is a Gilbert purpleheart j/b built in 2009 in excellent condition with no nicks or dings anywhere. Tip is a Joseph Picone resin phenolic. Rolls straight together or apart. Asking $SOLD shipped. Second cue is an original Mike G. Sledgehammer in good condition with...
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    Selling 2 Hager 1x2 cases

    For sale: Two Hager cases smooth black and ostrich embossed leather in Mint condition. These are the sturdiest cases I've ever seen. The top screws on and forms a nearly air-tight seal. Great protection for your cue. Also, the tubes slide out and can be used as an extension. The black case is...
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    Murnak Soft Case 3x6 Mint!

    For sale: Soft-sided 3x6 by Jim Murnak in Mint condition. I bought this from Jim last month and need to sell it. Asking SOLD pending Payment shipped.
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    Whitten 2x4 black lizzard FS

    Selling a Whitten 2x4 in black lizzard embossed leather. Case is in good condition with normal wear and scratches. Top zipper is missing a small pull tab so I replaced it with a ring. Asking for $280 shipped...