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    Joss - Samsara cues FS/FT

    Still available.
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    RIP Scott Lee

    That is sad. May he rest in peace.
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    Artificial tips?

    Hello everyone, greetings from Athens-Greece, hope this finds you well in all aspects. I'm in the process of finishing my book about basic principles of Pool, a first for Greek literature. I will of course include a chapter with basic information on equipment, mentioning its evolvement, mostly...
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    Joss - Samsara cues FS/FT

    One more bump.
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    Joss - Samsara cues FS/FT

    Bump one more time.
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    King8 Athens 9-ball Open 2020

    King8 Athens 9-ball Open 2020 starts tomorrow in Greece. It's an official European ranking event for this year's Mosconi Cup. 192 players, including some of the best in the world. You may see relative details and tournament results here...
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    Joss - Samsara cues FS/FT

    Joss: 20oz, 2 x 13.3 mm shafts Samsara: 19oz, 12.9mm original break shaft, extra 12.9mm playing shaft. Both in good condition, weights can be adjusted FIRE SALE: 650 euros for the package. Payment via western union, shipping included. Trades considered mainly withing Europe due to customs...
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    626 record conditions

    Sorry if this is old news, fellow players ask me about it and don't have the time looking for it right now. What where the exact playing conditions under which the record was achieved? What kind of table? What kind of cloth? What size of pockets? What kind of balls? Thanks in advance for your...
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    Call Shot 10ball Challenge Match

    Live now from King8 Club in Athens-Greece Former Greek 9ball Champion George Flemetakis against European 10ball Champion 2015 Alexander Kazakis 10ball standard international rules, plus: In case of missed called ball incoming player has the right to ask the opponent to play again from current...
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    "Call Shot 9ball"

    Hi all, I would like to share with fellow az members an interesting idea by former Greek 9ball Champion George Flemetakis regarding 9ball rules, personally i haven't seen something like this formulated before, any relative input along with comments on the format is welcomed. So, here it is...
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    HPBU 9ball 2017 - Press Release and Info

    HPBU Greek National 9ball Men - Women 2017 Championships Athens 23-28/11 With top players like Nick Ekonomopoulos (two times Mosconi cup winner) and Nick Malaj (Kremlin Cup winner) Follow up!! Press Release: Draw - Schedule (follow online-brackets...
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    Current items for trade/sell

    Hello to all, greetings from Athens-Greece. Mainly interested in trading, looking for rear balanced (max. 18.75" balance) traditional style cues with regular shafts, no linen wrap. 1. Pechauer Pro P21-G. Excellent condition, slightly used. 2x13mm regular shafts, one slightly used with G2...
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    So, how much really is "straight grain" important?...

    Hello all, Sorry if this topic has been discussed before or it's just silly to talk about. I was wondering how much really is "straight grain" important in wood selection?.. Many times we hear that for e.g. shaft wood is selected by this criterion among others. But really why a "straight grain"...