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    One Pocket is so slow....

    Hahaha. That was your best!
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    8 ball or 9 ball which do you find more difficult?

    I play all of the games. Stop shots and their close relative the stun shot are critical to all of the games. They allow for less movement of the cue ball. 9 ball, when the lay out allows, and the player sees it, is a beautiful thing when the last 5 or 6 balls are stun or stop shots.
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    8 ball or 9 ball which do you find more difficult?

    I agree with you. There are a lot of similarities between straight pool and 8 ball. Both games are about seeing the patterns.
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    I clean my linen wrap with a damp paper towel before each session. A few swipes. Amazing how much chalk comes off on to the paper towel in a single session.
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    8 ball or 9 ball which do you find more difficult?

    Two completely different games. 8 ball is pattern play for sure. 9 ball is obviously rotation, hitting the lowest ball on the table. When playing each of the games of course you want to run out, but the ultimate object of each game is to win the game and running out is a secondary objective...
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    Black-Balled’s 2nd Visit to Family Billiards, Boone, NC

    I spent an evening playing with Walter a couple years ago. A little 9 ball, 8 ball, and one pocket. He plays very well and I enjoyed the evening and his company.
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    A Nit Or Not A Nit..

    Followed that tournament on "challonge app" as I had a few friends playing. Monster field. Hope you did well.
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    Reaching the top of your game

    My wrist on my back hand tends to turn outward a bit. Keeping it perfectly perpendicular to the butt allows me to follow through correctly. Also a super strong bridge hand firmly planted on the table is the beginning of almost everything. Can alway tell a real player by their bridge.
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    Attention Texas

    Played in my first tournament yesterday since pre Covid. 9 ball Texas express rules on 9 foot GC's. Rack your own (turtle racks). Alternate breaks. Played well and took 5th and left after about 8 hours of play. Felt great to have the tournament adrenaline pumping again.
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    Butt in the center joint up. Shafts either side of the butt joints up. Works for me. Take the shaft you are using out first, then the butt.
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    “The Hustler” #2 Best Sports Movies

    In my opinion Rocky should have been listed way higher. More than just a boxing movie as The Hustler was more than just a pool movie.
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    Multiple Shafts

    4 identical shafts for my player. Even the length of the tapers are identical. I rotate them, one through four.
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    Sorry to hear about this Scott. Hope you get them back and karma has it's way with the lowlife that took them.
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    Recommendations for Table Brush Set

    Just use a vacuum. A vacuum will remove the chalk instead of spreading the chalk around with a brush.
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    Salem 5/31/21

    If you think the rails are your friend then you will love 3C.