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    Fixing a bad install

    Should've known better when the installer tried using a water putty mix, that he had to mixed and then place on the table that I was going to have issues. After the mixed dried it shrank into the bed screw holes and the seams between the slate. I had never seen anyone use anything other than wax...
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    WTB summit mamba JB or dedicated breaker

    WTB summit mamba JB or dedicated breaker. Looking for the black wrapless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wtb wrap less Carmeli with g10

    Wtb wrap less Ariel Carmeli must have g10 pin, tiffany diamond ring work.. Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
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    Wtb Scott Graco cue

    Looking for a Scott Gracio cue for a friend if you have one please shoot me info and pictures please. PayPal ready
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    Wanted Ariel Carmeli

    Found a cue locally. Feel free to email me pics and specs
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    Looking for wrapless Ariel Carmeli

    Please pm or email with any specs and pictures please.
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    Wts 2013 Hills cue cocobola and bem

    Beautiful cue rolls straight looking for SOLD. Feel free to email
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    Wts Gilbert 4 point

    Gilbert 4 purple heart points, 8 ivory diamonds has 1 shaft tip does have taper roll about 8 inches up neither the tip or the joint lift off the table, there is a small lift in the handle that is not noticeable unless it's on a lathe. Has some finish nicks and a small chip in the butt cap in...
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    Joe Callaluca Wts - No Longer Available

    Joe Callaluca Wts Wrapless Joe Callaluca with 4 shafts 2 by Joe and 2 by Rick Howard all 4 with kamui tips. Comes with 3 piece custom joint protectors. Rolls dead straight 2 shafts unhit. Only blemish that I can see is a small chip about the size of a quaternary of a bb and a small clear coat...
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    Wts Joe Callaluca wrapless

    Wts ebony and bem wrapless ivory inlays, 3 piece matching jps, silver, white,black veneers 4 shafts (2 Rick Howard shafts)one each unused with kamui medium brown tips, the Howard shafts have medium black tips. Only defect in cue is 2 very small chips in the bottom of the butt cap asking $1299...
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    WTS/WTT Jim Baxter wrapless and Ben Greene Wrapless plain jane cues

    Jim Baxter or tnt cues both roll straight maybe a slight roll and both have small dings or dents. looking for **GONE to ebay*** for baxter obo or would trade for something wrapless without a stainless joint. Pm or text 850-685-3213 for any information ***Also have a tnt cue 1 shaft rolls pretty...
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    LTB wrapless Scott Gracio

    Pm or is my email. Thanks
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    Ltb predator z2 shift for schon

    Looking for straight and good condition. Pm me with pics and prices or text to 850-685-3213 please. thank you Chris
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    Wrapless Rick Howard FS

    Beautiful wrapless Rick Howard has not been hit, stitch southwest style ring work. Has one shaft looking for $750. No trades on this one Thanks Feel free to text me at 850-685-3213 not after 10pm central please