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    Anyone else watching the tournament

    This tournament ended a couple of weeks ago actually and these are the archived reruns.
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    Predator World 8 Ball Championship (Nov 19-22), Puerto Rico, Winner $60K

    This Wiktor Zilinksy(sp?) Is something special isn't he? Seems to be in the top 4 of everything he enters. And congrats to FSR. Hell of a year so far for him.
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    Predator World 8 Ball Championship (Nov 19-22), Puerto Rico, Winner $60K

    Anyone know if any of the Blackball, English 8 Ball, Chinese 8 Ball players made it over to play in this event?
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    Predator Format

    I don't mind the format. At least they are trying something new and if it works for them, cool. Right now it's basically a wait approach from what I see in how they will deal with it.
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    Tom Kollins and The School For Straight Pool

    I've watched the Dallas West runs 100 balls video on several occasions but this time around, this gentleman's name caught my attention more so than before. Is he the guy who does the introduction and co-commentary? Anyone have any details on The School for Straight Pool? Was it just personal...
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    Bergman ran a 19-pack, I think it's the highest package on video.

    Did Dennis orcullo run some big number vs SVB during one of their long set 9 ball matches recently? Wasn't it something like 19 racks?
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    Anton Raga is the new "money game king" of Philippines

    Their latest match came into my YouTube feed recently. I have to ask, does Dennis like losing to this kid? Seems he's always playing him and never winning.
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    The Sardo Rack

    Never got a chance to use one of these but someone told me that they gave as good a rack of 9 ball they've ever played. My question is, how did the Sardo racking compared to the template racks people use today? Are they about the same or does one rack tighter than the other?
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    Fedor vs Ko . Stats. Live

    So what exactly is this match and stats keeping?
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    Rodney Morris and the Masters Cup pool tour?

    I believe a small pro.tour could work. Whatever happened to Appleton's World Pool Series tour? That was well ran. I think the biggest problem is that no one can sell the pool product to non pool sponsors.
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    New Mosconi Cup sponsor

    This is the beginning of the pool renaissance.
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    A new 14.1 Challenge Event.

    Instead of another one of these boring, meaningless high run challenge events, why not use those resources to do a proper 14.1 tournament?
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    Is John Schmidt In Some Hot Water?

    I never bothered with the cryptocurrency fad. I'm not into stocks but even I could see that was a bubble waiting to collapse. Needless to say a lot of people got royally screwed, even some I know who we're going in hard on crypto and now have not said anything in months. There's a great video...
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    Is John Schmidt In Some Hot Water?

    Ok so that's way different than the one I heard. Thanks for clarifying.