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    40% OFF

    This week's featured prong is now available! Find it on the website HERE!
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    Prong of the Week!

    The new Prong of the Week is up. This thing is a beauty and won't last long! See it HERE!
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    Prong of the Week! 40% OFF

    Take 40% off the featured Prong of the Week! See it here: PRONG OF THE WEEK
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    Prong of the Week!

    Check out the new Prong of the Week here.. Prong of the Week! Also, we will be closing at noon on Wednesday, December 23rd, and will reopen on Monday, December 28th.
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    Prong of the Week w/ matching veneer rings!

    This combo is an absolute STEAL! See for yourself! Prong of the Week
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    Full Splice Butts

    We've just put up a few nice full splice butts. And since the Prong of the Week sold on the first day, we decided we would put up a new one! Happy Monday Full Splice Butts Prong of the Week
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    Prong of the Week!

    The new featured Prong of the Week is a classic! Check out the savings HERE!
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    Save massive on our Cyber Monday sale! It ends tonight at midnight!
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    Prong & Butt Specials

    We have just added over 30 - Prong & Butt Specials to our website. See the pricing & options HERE!
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    NEW 4pt Prongs Available!

    We have several new 4pt Prongs available and more on the way! We will also be adding new 45° Veneer Sets & Prong / Butt Specials soon! See new prongs HERE!
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    Vintage Brunswick Master Stroke

    Brunswick Master Stroke Cue from the 1950's This cue comes with the original shaft as well as a new Prather Pro shaft, made to match. 19 oz See it HERE
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    Vintage Palmer Blanks

    We bought out Palmers' inventory around 1990 from their Elizabeth, NJ location. We recently found a box that was tucked away in a corner of our shop that was full of vintage blanks. With a little work the blank is shining like new and ready to be finished into your dream cue! This is your...
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    Halloween savings!

    What's cooler than getting 10% off your orders in celebration of Halloween, you ask? Having the chance to get a total of 50% off of the Prong of the Week :clapping:
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    Prong of the Week!

    Take 40% off of this 8-point matching prong / butt set this week only! Find it on the website HERE!
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    New 2020 Prather Cue

    Check out this rustic beauty Jeff finished today. Birdseye on Birdseye with a Grey stain applied. Veneers, from inside out, are EAM, Natural, Green, Violet. See it on the website HERE